Tech Mogul Jack Dorsey’s Self-Custody Bitkey Wallets Begin Shipping to 95 Countries

By The Daily Hodl March 14, 2024 In Bitcoin

The self-custody Bitcoin (BTC) wallet built by Jack Dorsey’s fintech firm is now being shipped to customers in 95 countries.

Dorsey’s fintech company Block, formerly known as Square, began taking pre-orders in December for the new self-custody Bitcoin wallet called Bitkey.

Bitkey says the pre-ordered wallets, which are designed to make it easier for people to own and manage Bitcoin, are now about to arrive on the customers’ doorsteps.


“The wait is over. The Bitkey wallet is officially out of pre-orders and is now shipping to your doorstep. We’re excited to help customers get their Bitcoin off exchanges and take control of their money with a self-custody wallet that’s secure and easy to use.”

Bitkey, which includes both a hardware device and a mobile app, comes with several features.

The wallet can connect to Block’s payments platform Cash App and crypto exchange Coinbase for buying and selling BTC within the Bitkey app.

Bitkey is also promising easy recovery of Bitcoin if a customer’s hardware and cellphone are lost.

“Safety of your funds is the core of Bitkey. Even if customers lose both their phone and their Bitkey hardware, simple recovery tools like ‘Trusted Contacts’ allow customers to safely recover their funds by relying on the people they know to help verify their recovery request.”

In December, Dorsey promoted Bitkey by saying,

“Move your Bitcoin off the exchanges.”

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