Sydney Plays Host to ‘Satellite’ International NFT Art Exhibition

By Jana Serfontein March 11, 2022 In Australia, Crypto Art, NFTs

Sydney, Australia’s largest city, is the first to host Satellite, a major international contemporary NFT art exhibition utilising and showcasing non-fungible token technology.

The event, taking place from March 10 to April 3 at beachside Bondi’s Twenty Twenty-Six Gallery, serves as an introduction to the world of digital art. Satellite aims to engage and educate the public on the fast-evolving NFT art movement through a digitally immersive and sensory experience. The exhibition is designed to empower artists in digital media and to inspire both existing and new audiences to embrace the evolution of the digital art world:

Exhibition Will Shape the NFT Space and Creative Economy

The Satellite audience will be invited to connect with NFTs beyond the screens of personal devices by using QR codes in the exhibition space that link to the NFT marketplace Foundation, where art can subsequently be bought.

The curator of the exhibition, David Porte Beckefeld, says the exhibition at a Sydney fine arts gallery is the fulfilment of his dream, but not so much in regard to anything relating to blockchain or tokens. Beckefeld has brought together over 40 NFT artworks from an array of leading Australian and international artists, thereby shaping the NFT space and creative economy.


Artists include Jonathan Zawada, Serwah Attafua, David McLeod, BossLogic, LIŔONA, Mikaela Stafford, Chris Golden, Jessica Ticchio, Yambo, Trevor Jones, and Beeple.

Satellite to be Carbon Neutral

The exhibition is committed to sustainability and will work to offset the carbon footprint of all NFTs included in the event, including carbon emissions associated with NFT minting, bidding, sale, and transfer of ownership. To compensate for emissions, Satellite will buy carbon credit units from Carbon Neutral’s reforestation project located in the Yarra Biodiversity Corridor of Western Australia.

For all other information about the exhibition, visit Satellite’s website.

Australia Leads in NFT Art Exhibitions

Last year was the year of the NFT. In June 2021, the art world launched Australia’s first physical NFT gallery exhibition. Hobart’s Museum of Art & Philosophy also launched the country’s first NFT gallery in the Tasmanian capital, where digital and traditional artists from all around the world could display their creations.

Australia auctioned off its most valuable photo collection as NFTs last year, after more than 100,000 original photographs dating back to the 1880s and spanning five generations were found in the home of a Melbourne family. The collection is said to be worth millions.

Australia is clearly an early adopter of NFTs and art, so it was surprising to read news of a survey in December 2021 that determined most Australians still have no idea about cryptos or NFTs.

Jana Serfontein

Jana Serfontein

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