Swissblock Analysts Forecast a Bitcoin Price Surge Following Recent Sell-Off

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  • Swissblock views the recent BTC price drop as profit-taking, likely signalling an upcoming rally.
  • BTC finds strong support at US$60k, indicating a buying opportunity despite ongoing volatility.
  • A corrective phase suggests possible breakouts above US$73k, though short-term choppy trading may persist as the market stabilises.

Market analysts Swissblock have stated in a recent report that the Bitcoin price dump may be an indication that sellers were taking some profits off the table. In a recent blog post, the analysts said that this likely points to a renewed rally.

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They added that despite ongoing volatility, the US$60k (AU$91k) level is providing strong support, suggesting a potential buying opportunity for investors.

The market has experienced a significant decline during the week, indicating ongoing volatility. However, amidst this volatility, the $60k level appears to be offering significant support. This presents a potential buying opportunity for players.


According to the analysts, as the price recalibrates, sentiment has moved from bearish to neutral.

Directional Bitcoin momentum, source: Swissblock

BTC’s Potential for a Breakout

Swissblock believes BTC is currently in a corrective phase, not a strong downtrend, as evidenced by a decrease in both price and volume – a bullish indicator suggesting reduced selling pressure.

They added that the market is stabilising after the recent surge, with potential for a breakout above US$73k leading to targets of US$75k and possibly US$80k.

While a significant decline seems unlikely, short-term choppy and sideways trading is expected over the next few weeks. This period of consolidation would allow the market to digest the recent 92% run-up over six weeks. Once this consolidation phase is complete, the market is likely to continue its upward trend.


However, a drop below last week’s low could see a fall towards US$52k or even US$46k, they added. Despite this, a major decline is unlikely, and short-term sideways trading is expected, setting the stage for continued upward momentum after this consolidation, they concluded.

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Furthermore, market intelligence platform Santiment adds that trading volume has decreased 27% from last week. Only a few projects, such as TON, KAS and RUNE have been able to move against the broader market downturn.

Aaron Feuerstein

Aaron Feuerstein

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