SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk Regrets not Buying Bitcoin in 2013

By Ibiam Wayas February 02, 2021 In Bitcoin, Crypto News, Dogecoin

Last week, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, made headlines across cryptocurrency news outlets and other mainstream media, as he influenced a spike in the market price of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin following his activity on Twitter. 

In a Clubhouse chat session on January 31, the billionaire revealed his opinions about the two cryptocurrencies, saying BTC is positioned for mainstream adoption amongst other digital currencies. He also admitted to not buying the leading crypto early when his friends asked him to do so.

Musk Talked Bitcoin, Dogecoin

The CEO of SpaceX mentioned that Bitcoin is a good thing and he doesn’t hold any strong opinion for other digital currencies. “I think bitcoin is really on the verge of getting broad acceptance by sort of the conventional finance people,” Musk said, adding that it’s already late for him to join the Bitcoin bandwagon now. He regretted not buying the cryptocurrency in 2013 when his friend tried to convince him to buy it.

Moving further, Elon Musk explained why he’s always fond of the thirteenth-largest digital currency, Dogecoin (DOGE). According to him, he only tweets about the cryptocurrency occasionally just to make “jokes about Dogecoin.” Notably, the US$5.3 billion market cap cryptocurrency was originally designed as a fun cryptocurrency. 


“But fate loves irony and often as a friend of mine says that the most ironic outcome or I’d say the most entertaining outcome and the most ironic outcome would be that Dogecoin becomes the currency of earth in the future,” Musk added.

Dogecoin update

Last week, the fun cryptocurrency spiked by over 1,000 percent after being hyped by the Redditors. Although the cryptocurrency is still up by 47.7 percent on a 24hour count, the cryptocurrency price has declined to US$$0.04182, according to the information on Coingecko.

Ibiam Wayas

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