Solana Reportedly Suffers DDOS Attack Casting Doubt on Proof-of-History

Solana has suffered a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that jammed the network and led to huge delays, but managed to stay online through it all.

A DDoS attack is generally when an organised “botnet” (a large number of coordinated devices) take to a blockchain’s network at once in order to overload the system and choke traffic speeds to the point that it causes the network to fail and go offline.

As the new cool kid on the block, Solana is currently the fastest blockchain in the crypto space and has been hailed as the “Eth Killer”. Praised as the answer to Ethereum’s network congestion issues during times of high traffic, Solana offers much faster processing times and lower transaction fees.

Has Solana Sacrificed Network Security For Speed?

The DDoS attack has raised the question over whether Solana has sacrificed network security for speed. The issue of Solana’s proof-of-history consensus model not being sufficiently secure against attacks such as this one has opened up discussion online. Justin Bons, founder and CIO of crypto funds investment management company CyberCapital, breaks down the concerns over the security of the Solana blockchain in the Twitter post below. He says that due to the Solana network’s deterministic block creation mode, it is possible to predict and attack the next block producers in line.


In this week’s Grayscale Investments report, the world’s largest crypto fund management firm also voiced its concerns over the Solana blockchain’s consensus mechanism as a potential risk: “The Solana consensus mechanism uses a new blockchain technology that is not widely used, and may not function as intended. There may be flaws in the cryptography underlying the network, including flaws that affect the functionality of the Solana network or make the network vulnerable to attack.”

This is not the first time Solana has suffered a DDoS attack. In September the network suffered two attacks that stopped processing transactions and took Solana offline for a short time. The project’s developer has tweeted that these outages from attacks are all just “growing pains” and that he is still insanely bullish for Solana.

Many DApps have been integrating Solana into their projects, including the recent partnership with Brave browser announced on stage at Breakpoint 2021 (a crypto conference organised by Solana) in Portugal last month.

Solana Proof of History Explained

If you’re keen to get a sense of how Solana’s consensus mechanism works, be sure to check out this explanatory video below.

Caitlin Carey

Caitlin Carey

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