Snoop Dogg Reveals He Owns $17 Million worth of NFTs

By José Oramas September 23, 2021 In Crypto News, Ethereum, NFTs

American rapper Snoop Dogg is in the headlines after revealing he’s the person behind the Twitter handle Cozomo de’ Medici – until now, the mystery owner of a US$17 million NFT collection.

In a September 21 tweet, the superstar US rapper revealed his alter ego, an NFT collector who joined Twitter only last month. 

At that time, the account didn’t have any ties to the rapper as such, and its pseudonymous owner steadily tweeted about his journey as a collector and the large sums of money spent on his NFT collection.

As per DappRadar’s portfolio estimate tool, de’ Medici’s wallet stores US$17 million worth of collectibles. Cozomo’s wallet also owns the Snoop x Nyan Cat NFT that the rapper is currently using as his profile pic.


Superstar Rapper Rubs Shoulders With CryptoPunks

Snoop first flagged his interest in crypto assets in an April interview with Vanity Fair magazine. His portfolio consists mainly of CryptoPunks – a series of unique avatars and the first NFTs developed on the Ethereum blockchain, the most valuable of which is priced at US$4.6 million based on current market value. He also owns 10 Meebits, a series of unique 3D voxel characters, and several pieces of Tom Sachs Rocket Factory NFTs, the same collection that beer giant Budweiser bought into last month.

Snoop’s own NFT collection has been released on crypto exchange and NFT marketplace, with the first NFT titled “A Journey With the Dogg”. has put together numerous artists keen to explore the emerging NFTs market. As well as the Dogg, they include Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One, Axel Mansoor, Lionel Richie and more.

José Oramas

José Oramas

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