Shiba Inu vs Everlodge: Who Reaches $1 First?

By September 09, 2023 In NFTs, Shiba Inu

With the ongoing shift in the crypto landscape, investors are starting to diversify. Shiba Inu recently saw an increase in volume by over 40%, and Everlodge has already sold out of the beta phase of its ongoing presale, as the unique proposition of the project attracts early investors.

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Shiba Inu’s Journey to $1

Shiba Inu recently experienced a positive price action, with its trading volume up over 40% in the last day. Trading at $0.000008154 at the time of writing and with a market cap of $4,804,681,712, Shiba Inu’s projection stays bullish.

Shiba Inu investors appear to be approving the Shibarium update, and the number of active wallet addresses increased during the past week. The burning mechanism records an all-time high (ATH), and the charts paint a bullish picture. That said, a slight drop in SHIB occurred after the bridge went live after the failed first attempt.


However, is this enough to push Shiba Inu to $1?

Unfortunately, there is a long way to go. More than 80% of the total supply would need to be burned to get the price of Shiba Inu to $1, as there is only $500+ trillion in total supply of money on this planet.

What is Everlodge and Can It Do What Shiba Inu Can’t?

Everlodge has been experiencing massive demand in the presale and is trading at just $0.016 at the time of writing. The massive market that this project targets and the ongoing upward momentum have led analysts to predict that the token’s price can soar by 30x at its launch.

The global real estate market is worth over $4 trillion in total, and Everlodge will leverage this demand with innovation by using blockchain technology to bring the cost of entry down.

The platform will use fractionalized NFTs to enable individuals to buy a single fraction of a luxury property. ELDG, the native token, offers fixed monthly passive income via staking the token. Holders can benefit from free stays across the properties within the ecosystem. Everlodge is fully decentralized and enables self-custody of the investment. The Everlodge NFTs serve as proof of ownership and are tradable. They provide instant and global accessibility of funds and transparency. Investors don’t need to tie their capital up for multiple years anymore but can take advantage of the opportunity and generate a decent level of return in a short timeframe.

Everlodge is set to become the first-ever vacation property marketplace to adopt NFT and blockchain technology. The whitepaper can be found on the official Everlodge website and shows that Everlodge plans to enhance its range of services. Team tokens are locked for 2 years, and the liquidity pool for 8 years to secure investors’ funds.

Crypto experts predict that Everlodge’s token has the potential to soar by 100x in the coming months and surpass $1.

Find out more about the Everlodge (ELDG) Presale



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