Satoshi’s Twitter May Have Been Found — As Well As A Clue For A Bitcoin Treasure Hunt

A researcher who goes by the name of Varun has published his findings on Substack, in which he claims the Twitter account ‘Goldlover’ (@fafcffacfff) may belong to the creator of Bitcoin himself. 

A Hankering For Gold Both Physical and Digital

According to the research, this Twitter account was at the peak of its activity around the time Bitcoin was released — and ceased nearly all activity at a time that concurs with the moment Satoshi slipped back into total silence, leaving the budding crypto community to its own devices.

Created in May of 2008, the account mentioned gold quite often and sharply criticized the current fiat value system. The account also allegedly mentioned “Bit Gold” several times — a possible reference to a proposal dating back to 2005 made by Nick Szabo, who laid out an idea for a financial system based on cryptography. The mining would, of course, be decentralised. 

In September of 2008, the Twitter account yet again began mentioning “Digital Gold Currency”, in between a great number of eccentric tweets about gold and jewellery. 


Although a great number of people were criticizing the financial system around 2008 for obvious reasons, this criticism coupled with the fact that this account is the only one to mention Bitcoin as far back as 2009 aside from Hal Finney’s account makes it a serious candidate for being Satoshi’s account.

“(These are) all hallmarks of talking points used by Satoshi in his emails and forum posts which are well known, post-Bitcoin announcement.”

This may not be, however, the most important tweet of his. There is a theory that alleges that Satoshi left clues that would point eager seekers to his fortune in Bitcoin, made back when mining BTC was quite easy. 

The following cryptic tweet may have just reinforced that theory:

So if you have a penchant for both symbolism and cryptography, start looking.

Cristian Lipciuc

Cristian Lipciuc

Cristian Lipciuc is a blockchain journalist working with startup companies across multiple domains such as freelancing, app development & cryptocurrency. Cristian specializes in applied blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency integration, the adoption of new technologies by governments, and cybersecurity.

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