Ronin Set to Host ‘Ragnarok Monster World,’ Pioneering a New Era in Blockchain Gaming

By Ben Knight April 19, 2024 In Blockchain, Ronin, Web3
August 8, 2022, Brazil. In this photo illustration, the Ronin Wallet logo is displayed on a smartphone screen
  • The creators of Axie Infinity and Ronin have teamed up with South Korean gaming giants GRAVITY to release a new Web3-based title.
  • The collab will include gaming devs Zero X And to create Ragnarok: Monster World, a PvP and PvE strategy game reminiscent of previous SkyMavis titles.
  • The Ragnarok IP has attracted millions of players and fans over its multi-decade lifespan.

One of the online gaming era’s most successful IPs, Ragnarok, is coming to the blockchain. The first gaming title in the series was released by South Korean devs GRAVITY way back in 2002, and since then the MMORPG has evolved into a storied franchise with a huge player base. Ragnarok copyright holders have struck a partnership with gaming-focussed network Ronin to create the newest – and perhaps biggest – blockchain-based game, Ragnarok: Monster World.

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Web3 Gaming Tapping In to Millions of Potential Players

The new game will piggyback on a generation of lovable characters from the Ragnarok franchise, with an emphasis on targeting South-East Asian gamers. The premise behind Monster World will be relatively simple, and somewhat similar to other existing Web3 games. Players can collect and build monsters known as “Ragmons”, which can be used to interact with the world and compete with other players. Rewards will be dished out for participating and winning battles, which can then be used as an in-game currency or cashed out.

The partnership marks a groundbreaking moment for the Web3 gaming industry. Most blockchain-based games have struggled to penetrate the traditional gaming market, due to limitations in development, design and accessibility. By using the Ragnarok IP as an entry point, Ronin may find an audience of millions that would otherwise never engage with blockchain tech. 


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We’re thrilled to collaborate with the team behind Axie Infinity, who has spearheaded a new paradigm for P2E and NFTs…By leveraging the skills of our team members experienced in Web2 alongside SkyMavis’ Web3 expertise, we aim to cultivate a stronger gaming and blockchain community.

Seokjun Kim, Founder of Ragnarok Monster World developers Zero X And

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