Ripple’s Central Bank Dialogues Unaffected by SEC Lawsuit, Reveals Company Executive

IDuring an interview on 28 July 2023, Ripple’s Vice President of Central Bank Engagements and CBDCs, James Wallis, shared some interesting insights about the company’s ongoing discussions with central banks and the impact of the SEC case on these talks. Wallis told CoinDesk TV that the SEC case had “almost no impact” on Ripple’s ongoing […]

Hong-Kong-tram-at-night.jpg CBDCs Ripple

Ripple’s CBDC Platform Powers Fubon Bank’s Real Estate Tokenization Pilot

Fubon Bank, the Hong Kong subsidiary of Taiwan’s Fubon Financial Holding Co., has reportedly announced its intention to launch a pilot program for real estate tokenization. The program is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2023 and will utilize Ripple’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) platform. According to a report published earlier today […]

XRP-coin.jpg Ripple XRP

$XRP: Japanese Financial Giant Plans to Use Ripple’s XRP-Powered ODL Product for Remittances

In a recent webinar, SBI VC Trade, the cryptocurrency exchange arm of Japan’s financial giant SBI Group, reportedly unveiled its plans for Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) product in Japan. The company intends to use XRP for cross-border payments. According to an article by Albert Brown for The Crypto Basic published earlier today, the webinar, held […]

Opinion Ripple XRP

Could $XRP Become a Reserve Asset? Revisiting ‘The Chad Steingraber Theory’

In a Twitter thread dated 18 August 2022, Chad Steingraber, a known figure in the XRP community, presented an intriguing thought experiment about the future of XRP. His theory explores the idea of XRP becoming a reserve asset, similar to gold, for banks and institutional liquidity providers. On 25 July 2023, Steingraber encouraged his followers […]

u.s.-sec.jpg Regulation Ripple XRP

$XRP: U.S. Congressman Stephen Lynch Approves of Gary Gensler’s Approach to Regulating the Crypto Industry

A Recap of the Judge Torres’ Landmark Ruling in SEC vs Ripple On 13 July 2023, a significant ruling was delivered in the ongoing SEC vs Ripple Labs lawsuit. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had accused Ripple Labs and its two senior executives, Bradley Garlinghouse and Christian A. Larsen, of unlawfully offering and […]


Ripple Shines in Fortune’s 2023 List of Top Workplaces for Millennials

Californian FinTech firm Ripple has been honored by Fortune Magazine as one of the top workplaces for millennials in 2023. This recognition places Ripple in the spotlight, highlighting its commitment to creating an engaging and inclusive work environment. Ripple’s excitement was palpable as they took to Twitter to share the news, expressing their gratitude for […]

Ripple XRP

$XRP: More Than Meets the Eye, Affirms Black Swan Capitalist Founder

Versan Aljarrah, the founder of Black Swan Capitalist and a well-known YouTuber, believes that the real value of XRP transcends these charts. Aljarrah’s faith in XRP remains unshaken, even as the cryptocurrency dipped below the $0.7 mark recently. He took to Twitter to express his conviction, stating that XRP’s true value lies beyond the charts. […]

Regulation Ripple XRP

$XRP: Legal Expert Not Worried About Potential Interlocutory Appeal by the SEC

The Landmark Ruling on 13 July 2023 On 13 July 2023, a significant ruling was delivered in the ongoing SEC vs Ripple Labs lawsuit. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had accused Ripple Labs and its two senior executives, Bradley Garlinghouse and Christian A. Larsen, of unlawfully offering and selling securities. The case was […]

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$XRP: Popular Crypto Analyst Explains Why XRP Should Perform Well During the Bull Cycle No Matter What Happens

On July 24, 2023, Ben “BitBoy” Armstrong, a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency world, explained why he is currently so bullish on XRP. Before we look closer at Armstrong’s comments, it might be a good idea to provide some background information. What Did Judge Torres’ July 13th Ruling Say? On 13 July 2023, Hon. Analisa […]

Regulation Ripple XRP

$XRP: Fox Business Journalist Charlie Gasparino Takes His Trolling of XRP Army to a New Level With His Latest Criticism of Judge Torres

Charles Gasparino, a seasoned journalist with a reputation for breaking major stories in finance and politics, recently turned his attention to the world of cryptocurrency. In an article for the New York Post published on 22 July 2023, Gasparino dissected the recent ruling in the SEC vs Ripple Labs case, a decision that he claims […]

Ripple XRP

American Lawyer John Deaton Explains Why XRP Holders Should Not Worry About a Potential Appeal by the SEC

As you probably already know, on 13 July 2023, Hon. Analisa Torres, a district judge at the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, gave her ruling in the SEC vs Ripple Labs lawsuit, which was initiated in December 2020. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs […]

Bitcoin Regulation Ripple XRP

$XRP: Galaxy Digital CEO Says Judge Torres Just Basically Said to the SEC “You’re Wrong”

On July 21, 2023, Michael Novogratz, the founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital, appeared on “Squawk Box” and shared his insights on a range of topics, including the current state of the markets, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), and the future of Bitcoin during a conversation with con-anchor Joe Kernen. Here’s a comprehensive recap […]

Ripple XRP

Ripple Targets UK Crypto Registration, Bolstered by Favorable US Court Ruling

Ripple, the global crypto payments behemoth, is setting its sights on the UK’s crypto company registry, capitalizing on a recent favorable court ruling against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Sendi Young, Ripple’s European Managing Director, said during an interview with DL News that the company has recently applied for registration as a crypto […]

CBDCs Ripple Stablecoins XRP Ledger

Ripple Partners With European FinTech Firm to Harness XRP Ledger for Groundbreaking Axiology Project

In a bid to address the challenges of fraud and money laundering, Europe has initiated several measures to utilize the potential of blockchain technology. The European Commission has launched a comprehensive Digital Financial Package in line with the recently introduced Markets in Crypto Assets regulation (MiCA). This package aims to promote the use of cryptocurrencies […]

Regulation Ripple XRP

Ripple’s Triumph: CEO Brad Garlinghouse Celebrates ‘Unequivocal Win’ for Crypto in the US

In a blog post published yesterday, FinTech firm Ripple shared its perspective on last week’s court ruling that declared that the XRP token by itself is not a security. To recap, the lawsuit initiated by the SEC in December 2020 alleged that Ripple Labs and its executives Bradley Garlinghouse and Christian A. Larsen unlawfully offered […]

coins-3789232_1280.jpg Altcoins Ripple XRP

Ripple Report: Crypto and Blockchain to Power $250 Trillion Cross-Border Payments Sector by 2027

A recent report from fintech giant Ripple has shed light on the increasing role of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in cross-border payments, projecting that by 2027, the value of this sector will reach a staggering $250 trillion. The global payments industry has been undergoing a significant transformation, with a growing emphasis on user experience and […]

cryptocurrency Regulation Ripple XRP

U.S. Congressman Torres Asks Gary Gensler for SEC Reassessment Following Landmark XRP Case Ruling

U.S. Congressman Ritchie Torres has penned a letter to Gary Gensler, Chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), urging a reassessment of the commission’s approach towards cryptocurrencies. This comes in the wake of a recent court ruling in the SEC’s case against Ripple, which has been seen as a landmark decision in the […]

Futureverse-Screenshot-scaled.jpg AI Metaverse Ripple

Ripple Invests in AI and Metaverse Startup

Futureverse, an unusual startup that bridges multiple industries, has successfully raised $54 million in a Series A funding round, according to a recent Bloomberg report by Hannah Miller. This unconventional company is a fusion of 11 different startups, each operating in sectors as diverse as blockchain, artificial intelligence, the metaverse, and gaming. The funding round […]

Ripple XRP

XRP: Crypto Analyst Thomas Kralow Justifies His $8-10 Medium to Long-Term Price Target

In a recent video, highly respected trader, educator, and crypto analyst Thomas Kralow provides a detailed analysis of XRP, justifying his medium to long-term price target of $8-$10. This blog post will provide a comprehensive summary of Kralow’s latest insights and predictions regarding XRP, in the wake of last week’s landmark ruling by Judge Analisa […]

Ripple Anticipates US Banks to Adopt XRP Following Partial Victory in SEC Lawsuit

According to an article published by CNBC yesterday, Ripple is optimistic that its recent partial legal victory will stimulate interest from US banks and financial institutions in adopting its cryptocurrency, XRP, for cross-border transactions. This optimism stems from a landmark ruling that determined XRP is not inherently a security. To recap, the lawsuit initiated by […]

SEC vs Ripple: Former SEC Official Believes ‘Both Sides Will Appeal’

On 16 July 2023, Marc Fagel, a Lecturer at Stanford Law School and a former Regional Director (San Francisco Regional Office) at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, said that he believes that both sides in the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit will appeal. To recap, the lawsuit initiated by the SEC in December 2020 alleged […]

Jeremy Hogan’s Analysis on Chances of an Appeal in the SEC vs Ripple Lawsuit

Earlier today (17 July 2023), Jeremy Hogan, a partner at the American law firm Hogan & Hogan, who has been closely following and commenting on the U.S. SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple, commented on either party’s likelihood of appeal. To recap, the lawsuit initiated by the SEC in December 2020 alleged that Ripple Labs and its […]

SEC vs Ripple: Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Explains Why ‘An Immediate Appeal Seems Unlikely’

In the wake of the recent split-decision ruling in the SEC vs. Ripple case, Kathryn Haun, Founder and CEO of crypto-focused investment firm Haun Ventures, has shared her insights on the matter. Haun — who has over six years of experience as a member of the board of directors of Coinbase and over eleven years […]

Ripple’s Legal Battle: Ex-SEC Attorney Stark Highlights Risks for XRP Holders

John Reed Stark, an expert on digital regulatory compliance with 15 years of experience as an SEC enforcement attorney, recently shared his detailed analysis on the recent partial victory for Ripple in the SEC vs Ripple lawsuit. Stark’s insights, published on LinkedIn on July 14, 2023, provide a comprehensive breakdown of the ruling and its […]

Lawyer John Deaton Counters Journalist Matt Levine’s Interpretation of XRP’s Status

In an exchange of viewpoints following the ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Analisa in the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit on 13 July 2023, American lawyer John Deaton challenges Bloomberg journalist Matt Levine’s interpretation of Judge Torres’s ruling concerning XRP’s status. To recap, the lawsuit initiated by the SEC in December 2020 alleged that Ripple […]

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Weighs in on SEC Lawsuit Outcome: A Triumph for the Crypto Industry

In the aftermath of the landmark ruling of the SEC lawsuit against Ripple Labs, Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse addressed the situation in an interview with Bloomberg TV on July 14, 2023. His insights provide a broader perspective on the effects of the ruling and its implications for the entire cryptocurrency industry. To recap, the lawsuit […]

CCData’s Analysis: XRP’s Historic Lawsuit Victory Reshapes Crypto Industry

In what CCData reports as a groundbreaking verdict, Judge Torres favored XRP in its closely watched lawsuit against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This decision, as CCData indicates, could usher in a new era for the digital assets industry, specifically regarding the categorization of such assets as securities in the United States. In […]

Coinbase Decides to Relist XRP After Landmark Ruling From Judge Torres, XRP Now Up 74% in Past 24 Hours

At 7:40 p.m. UTC on 13 July 2023, around four hours after U.S. district judge Analisa Torres’s order (or ruling) in the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit got filed at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, Paul Grewal, Chief Legal Officer at Coinbase, delivered the news that XRP holders had long been waiting […]

$XRP Surges by 30% After Judge Torres’ Ruling Comes Out

On 13 July 2023, XRP became a runaway train after a landmark ruling by a U.S. district judge. Earlier today, Hon. Analisa Torres, a district judge at the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, ruled in the SEC vs Ripple Labs lawsuit initiated in December 2020. Here is what Judge Torres said about […]

Landmark Ruling in SEC vs. Ripple: ‘A Surprisingly Big Win for XRP’

On 13 July 2023, Hon. Analisa Torres, a district judge at the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, gave her ruling in the SEC vs Ripple Labs lawsuit, which was initiated in December 2020. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs Inc. and its two senior […]

Ripple’s Perspective: Tokenization and the $16 Trillion Opportunity on the Horizon

In the realm of digital assets and blockchain, Ripple’s 2023 New Value Report: Crypto Trends in Business and Beyond points to an abundance of opportunities. The most significant among these is the tokenization of global illiquid assets, which, per Ripple’s projections, could unlock a staggering $16 trillion business opportunity by 2030. Here are the 10 […]

XRP Gets Relisted by Regulated Canadian Crypto Trading Platform: A Sign of XRP’s Changing Fortune?

BitBuy, a regulated crypto marketplace in Canada, has quietly reintroduced XRP, according to a report by Albert Brown for The Crypto Basic. BitBuy is now the second crypto trading platform in Canada to re-enable support for XRP after its initial delisting, following the lawsuit brought against Ripple by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) […]

Ripple’s UBRI: Five Years of Pioneering Blockchain Education and Innovation

Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) recently celebrated its five-year anniversary, marking half a decade of significant contributions to the blockchain and crypto space. According to a recent blog post by Ripple, launched with a $50M philanthropic commitment, UBRI has supported academic research, technical development, and innovation in blockchain and crypto at leading universities worldwide. […]

American Lawyer: Investors Suing Ripple Better Pray for the SEC to Lose Its Case Against Ripple

It’s no secret that Ripple Labs Inc., the company behind the prominent cryptocurrency XRP, is caught up in two legal maelstroms that could define its future. The first case involves the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which accuses Ripple of an unlawful sale of XRP tokens, perceived as unregistered securities. The second is […]

Ripple’s Head of Policy Discusses the Digital Pound (GBP) and the Global Impact of CBDCs

In a recent interview with the Digital Pound Foundation, which is an independent forum supporting the implementation of a well-designed digital Pound, Susan Friedman, Head of Policy at Ripple, offered her perspective on the future of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and the role of the Digital Pound in this transformative journey. Friedman’s role at […]

Ripple Labs Faces Class Action Progress: Investor Lawsuit Certified

Ripple Labs Inc. has lost a round in an ongoing securities lawsuit. A class of investors has successfully secured certification to proceed with their case against the firm. This decision has met with resistance from Ripple, its CEO Bradley Garlinghouse, and its subsidiary XRP II. Despite their objections, the class has fulfilled the essential criteria […]

Prominent Lawyer Criticizes Coinbase for Its Treatment of XRP Holders

Bill Morgan, who is qualified to practice law in both the UK and Australia, recently expressed his disapproval of Coinbase due to its handling of XRP. Morgan’s criticism comes despite his support for Coinbase in its ongoing legal battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). While responding to an XRP community member asking […]

Ripple Debunks Five Common Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Myths

Ripple, a leading player in the cryptocurrency space, recently addressed some common misconceptions about blockchain technology and digital currencies. In a blog post titled “5 Crypto Myths No Business Leader Should Believe,” the cross-border payments specialist emphasized the growing importance of crypto and blockchain technologies in shaping the future of business and finance. Ripple says […]

Cardano Co-Founder Charles Hoskinson Clears the Air: ‘I Never Worked for Ripple’

On Friday (23 June 2023), Charles Hoskinson, a Co-Founder of Ethereum and Cardano, addressed an online rumor about his alleged past as an intern at Ripple. As it turns out, the rumor was based on a case of mistaken identity. Hoskinson tweeted: One source of this rumor was the following tweet: The confusion seems to […]

Ripple Achieves Preliminary Regulatory Approval in Singapore, Bolstering its Presence in APAC

Ripple, a leader in enterprise blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, has announced that it has achieved ‘In-Principle Approval’ from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) for its subsidiary Ripple Markets APAC Pte Ltd. This will enable Ripple to present digital payment token services and products under regulation in Singapore, bolstering its capacity to extend the utilization […]

Ripple CEO Slams SEC’s Approach to Crypto Regulation, Thanks XRP Army

In a recent video statement, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse took a strong stance against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), accusing it of spreading confusion and stifling innovation in the crypto space. Garlinghouse’s comments come in the wake of the unsealing of documents related to the now-infamous 2018 speech by former SEC official Bill […]

Ripple and Peersyst Power Colombia’s Blockchain Revolution

Ripple, a leading enterprise in blockchain and crypto solutions, has announced a partnership with Colombia’s Central Bank, Banco de la República, to explore and implement use cases for blockchain technology. This collaboration is part of the third phase of blockchain experimentation led by The Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies (MinTIC). The pilot program will […]

Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer Dissects Hinman’s Speech and Its Impact on Crypto Regulation

On Tuesday (June 13, 2023), Stuart Alderoty, Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer, offered a comprehensive analysis of the recently unsealed internal emails at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) related to William Hinman’s 2018 speech on Ethereum. Alderoty’s insights shed light on the behind-the-scenes discussions at the SEC and their implications for the broader crypto […]

Dissecting the ‘Hinman Emails’: Adam Cochran on SEC Staff’s Concerns over Comments About Ethereum

On Tuesday (June 13), veteran crypto investor Adam Cochran shared his insights into the implications of the just-unsealed internal emails at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) related to William Hinman’s famous remarks about Ethereum at the Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit: Crypto in June 2018. Back on 14 June 2018, William Hinman, the […]

Ripple and Canada’s Largest University Eye XRP Ledger Validator Launch

In a significant development for the crypto industry, the University of Toronto, Canada’s largest university, has announced a partnership with Ripple to establish an independent XRP ledger validator, according to a report by CoinDesk published on June 12, 2023. This initiative is a part of Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) in Canada, which has […]

XRP: Legal Expert Says SEC Has Less Than 3% Chance of an ‘Outright Total Victory’

John Deaton, a well-known American lawyer and founder of CryptoLaw, recently shared his insights on the ongoing lawsuit between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple. Deaton, who has been closely following the case, made his comments during an interview on 3T Warrior Academy’s “Good Morning Crypto Show” on June 3, 2023. Deaton […]

Unsealing the Hinman Speech Documents: Implications for Ripple and the Crypto Industry

John Deaton, the founder of CryptoLaw and Managing Partner of Deaton Law Firm, recently provided an in-depth analysis of the upcoming release of the Hinman Speech Documents in a video update. These documents, linked to a speech by William Hinman on 14 June 2018 — at the “Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit: Crypto” — stating […]

Crypto Analyst Likes XRP’s Risk-To-Reward Ratio As SEC Lawsuit Decision Nears

Pseudonymous crypto analyst DonAlt, known for his accurate prediction of Bitcoin’s 2022 bottom, has shared his bullish outlook on XRP, according to a report by The Daily Hodl. The analyst suggests that XRP could see a significant price surge, potentially over 100%, depending on the outcome of the ongoing SEC lawsuit against Ripple. DonAlt highlighted […]

Understanding Impact of Secondary Market Sales of XRP in SEC’s Lawsuit Against Ripple: Insights from Legal Expert Jeremy Hogan

Jeremy Hogan, a partner at the American law firm Hogan & Hogan, who has been closely following and commenting on the U.S. SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple, recently shared his perspective on the secondary market sales of XRP and their potential implications for the case. In a Twitter thread published on May 29, 2023, Hogan emphasized that the secondary market […]

Ripple CEO Foresees Decision From Judge Torres in Near Future

Brad Garlinghouse, the chief executive officer of Ripple Labs, has voiced his expectation for a forthcoming court ruling in the company’s ongoing legal dispute with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC initiated legal proceedings against Ripple in December 2020, accusing the firm of selling XRP as an unregistered security. In a conversation […]

Ripple’s Report Reveals Growing Adoption of Crypto Trends in Global Business

Despite a tumultuous past year for the crypto industry, financial leaders worldwide are expressing unprecedented confidence in the impact of cryptocurrencies and digital assets on business and society. This sentiment was confirmed in a recently-published report by Ripple titled “2023 New Value Report: Top 5 Crypto Trends in Business and Beyond”. In its second edition, […]

XRP: Security or Not a Security, That Is the Question: Insights from a Prominent Attorney

Jesse Hynes, a prominent American lawyer, provides his expert perspective on the SEC’s ongoing lawsuit against Ripple Labs and the future of XRP. Hynes, an established American attorney and Chief Legal Officer at Gala Games, recently took to Twitter to weigh in on the ongoing lawsuit against Ripple Labs initiated by the U.S. Securities and […]

$XRP Price Surges as SEC Case Against Ripple Turns in Favor of Crypto Firm

The price of $XRP, the native token of the XRP Ledger, has risen nearly 10% over the last few days on reports that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) case against Ripple Labs, a major player in the cryptocurrency’s ecosystem, is now tilting in favor of the fintech firm. According to available market data, […]

XRP: Renowned Attorney Can See a Path to ‘Total Victory’ for Ripple in SEC Lawsuit

John Deaton, a highly-respected attorney, recently outlined a possible roadmap to a resounding victory for Ripple in the ongoing lawsuit started by the U.S. SEC in December 2020 over the alleged ongoing illegal sales of XRP tokens. Deaton, a renowned figure in the world of digital asset law, recently weighed in on the U.S. SEC’s […]

Ripple Unveils $XRP Ledger-Based Platform for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

Fintech firm Ripple is launching a platform tailored for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). This unique platform, which is based on the $XRP Ledger, aims to empower central banks, governments, and financial institutions to create and manage their own digital currencies. Ripple’s novel CBDC platform equips these institutions with the ability to oversee the full […]

Ripple Acquires Swiss-based Digital Asset Custody Provider Metaco

The institutional crypto custody market is projected to reach an extraordinary $10 trillion by 2030, according to research conducted by Ripple. In a strategic move, Ripple, a significant player in the cryptocurrency industry, has announced its acquisition of Metaco. The Swiss-based company is known for its digital asset custody and tokenization technology. Ripple’s acquisition aims […]

Ripple CEO Celebrates Key Milestone in SEC Lawsuit

On Tuesday (May 16, 2023), Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse hailed what he termed a “win for transparency” in the ongoing lawsuit between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and his firm. But what does this “win” really mean? As reported by CoinDesk, a federal judge has ruled that the SEC cannot seal documents connected […]

Understanding RippleNet: A Closer Look at XRP, XRP Ledger, and ODL

This article takes a closer look at RippleNet, particularly the role of digital asset XRP, the open source XRP Ledger (XRPL), and the On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service. What Is RippleNet? RippleNet is a distributed network developed by Ripple to facilitate real-time, cross-border transactions. Technically, it’s a peer-to-peer distributed application that maintains a virtual ledger, emulating […]

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