Real Life Meets NFTs in World’s First Virtual Blockchain Claw Machine

By Jana Serfontein September 24, 2021 In Crypto Art, Crypto News, Gaming, NFTs, Solana

A new NFT-based gaming marketplace is coming to Solana as SolPugs becomes the first platform to launch a live virtual claw machine on the blockchain.

We are the first live virtual claw machine on the blockchain- the idea is that we will build a gaming arcade that will be fully integrated with the blockchain and where people can win NFTs.

SolPugs spokesperson

SolPugs, a new blockchain-based company, will bring an NFT marketplace to the Solana chain next month. The company aims to build a fully integrated gaming arcade into the blockchain that will enable users to win NFTs.

SolPugs is the latest to bring NFTs into the real world after Crypto News Australia reported in June that the Australian art scene would present physical NFT exhibitions.


South Australian digital media artist Dave Court became the first in his field to stage such an exhibition, bridging the gap between the real world and NFTs. As the NFT world continues to gain in popularity in Australia, be sure to expect more.

NFT Madness Continues

As the NFT market continues to explode, there are no signs of it slowing down any time soon. In addition to its virtual claw machine, SolPugs will also launch its own NFT.

The company will be offering 5,000 uniquely generated pugs, each with more than 70 distinctive attributes, to be made exclusively for the Solana blockchain and SolPugs’ NFT Gaming Marketplace. Each pug is drawn by hand by an in-house digital artist.

Our system algorithm is designed to generate a unique pug with every minting session. This way, each of our pugs is unique in its own way and you will never find two identical pugs with us. So you will have 5,000 randomly generated Sol Pugs here with 70-plus different attributes to choose from. It’s going to be a unique experience for our users. 

SolPlugs spokesperson

The company also has a whitelist that people can win, either through its whitelist competition or by playing on SolPugs’ virtual claw machine. Pugs come in five different rarities, ranging from Common to Legendary. When a member mints a pug, it will be assigned a rarity.

After the launch, SolPugs will list the pugs on all major NFT marketplaces, including,, and

Aiming to bring utility to its pugs, the company will allow members who hold pugs to post their NFTs in their marketplace. People can then win the NFTs, allowing the seller to reap the rewards.

SolPugs Joins Others in the Digital Arcade Game

SolPugs will join Decentraland in hosting a digital arcade claw machine. Decentraland allows users to play the claw machine by paying a set amount of Mana, after which they can win NFTs such as Crypto Kitties and Axies.  

The below video posted on YouTube explains the digital arcade claw on Decentraland:

Atari Hotels recently announced that it intends to accept its own Atari Token (ATRI) for use on its premises. Although it’s still unclear exactly what they will be used for, they may take the form of digital arcade tokens that allow users to play their favourite games in the Atari gaming playgrounds.

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