QNT price movement in July, TCRV can rise 40% to $0.025

By crypto.news July 17, 2023 In Quant

The cryptocurrency industry offers investment opportunities, but choosing the right token can be difficult. Currently, market analysts are monitoring the price movements of two tokens: quant (QNT) and tradecurve (TCRV). TCRV has been bullish in June and can rise 40% from $0.018 to $0.025.

Quant price movement in July

In January 2023, QNT prices peaked at $160. However, it fluctuated after that, briefly correcting and rising 10% on Feb. 2. After a volatile Q1 2023, QNT prices dropped to $110 by the end of March 2023.

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Despite a 20% surge in June, QNT is bearish in July, dropping 8.48% in a week to $101.88. Currently, QNT is trading below the 50-Day SMA at $106.25 and the 200-Day SMA at$119.25.


If bears press on, QNT may drop to $101.31 and $98.78. Coincodex predicts a potential drop to $97.94 in July. To retest $110, bulls need to maintain $100 and push prices above the 50-Day SMA.

Tradecurve bulls targeting $0.025

Tradecurve remains popular in crypto because of holders’ expectations of TCRV.

TCRV rose 80% in June as prices rallied to $0.018. With the momentum bullish and new traders buying, analysts expect TCRV to reach $0.025, a 40% increase, in July. The token is currently in stage four of its presale and is available for $0.018 per token.

No sign-up KYC checks drive more traders to Tradecurve

Tradecurve stands out among its competitors as a hybrid trading platform that strongly emphasizes user privacy and decentralization.

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Compared to eToro and Huobi, Tradecurve combines aspects of decentralized and centralized exchanges to enhance the end-user experience.

Unlike Binance and OKX, which solely concentrate on cryptocurrencies, Tradecurve grants access to a broad range of derivatives as trading options.

This is accessible through a single account, eliminating the need to submit personal details as part of know-your-customer (KYC) checks.

Price prediction for QNT and TCRV in July

QNT and TCRV price trajectories are diverging in July.

While QNT bulls need to battle bears in the coming weeks, TCRV prices will increase to $0.025.

The expected pump in TCRV prices is why investors opt for Tradecurve, as seen in the last few weeks. Moreover, more than 15,000 new users have signed up with the platform.

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