Pro-Crypto Presidential Hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Embraces ‘Ape’ Moniker, Snaps Up GME, and Pledges to Outlaw Short-Selling

By Ben Knight May 31, 2024 In Cryptocurrency, Surveys
  • As the 2024 US presidential race comes toward its zenith, several candidates are unveiling their plans for regulating crypto if they get elected.
  • RFK, a historically pro-crypto politician, has sparked the community into a frenzy after claiming he was an ‘Ape’ following a massive GME stock purchase.
  • At a recent press conference during Consensus, RFK announced he would seek to make crypto a currency and revoke capital gains tax if elected.
  • He also vowed to outlaw short selling to protect retail investors from big-name whales and market manipulation.

Although it seems a fait accompli that the 2024 US election will come down to one of Donald Trump or Joe Biden, that hasn’t stopped other presidential candidates from getting on the campaign trail. 

A famed name in American politics, Robert F. Kennedy Jr has been making waves of late thanks to his…strange (but ultimately positive) opinions on cryptocurrency and other financial meme stocks. 

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RFK to Shake Up Crypto Systems and Legislature if Elected

Having ape-ish tendencies is vital to successfully navigate the cryptosphere. Without them, the scene can quickly appear like a chaotic cesspit full of degenerates gambling their life savings. But once you don the “ape” lenses, it all becomes clear.


At least, that’s what RFK believes according to an interview with crypto reporter Eleanor Terrett.

The presidential candidate leaped into headlines last week after buying a hefty US$24k (AU$36k) on Gamestop stock (GME). The meme stock to end all meme stocks, Gamestop experienced a renaissance from the degen community thanks to the return of short squeeze catalyst Roaring Kitty.

And when quizzed on whether he considers himself an ape, RFK’s answer was a resounding yes. 

When it comes to crypto, RFK is also extremely progressive. Speaking at a press conference yesterday, the candidate discussed the changing crypto landscape and how he seeks to change it if elected.

Commitment to crypto is a commitment to freedom and transparency…My objective if elected president is that crypto is a transactional currency. That people can have transactional freedom…I think it should be treated as a currency; we shouldn’t be taxing it as capital gains.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr

Although his progressive financial ideologies are good for crypto, RFK does have some rather outlandish ideas about the traditional markets. Primarily, he believes that shorting stocks should be totally banned to “protect retail investors”.

But when you think about it, this kind of prohibition goes against RFK’s whole “freedom of exchange” stance.

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