PlayStation Developer Sony Applies for US Patent on ‘Super-Fungible Tokens’ Aimed at Gaming

By The Daily Hodl March 09, 2024 In Cryptocurrencies, Gaming, NFTs

Entertainment giant Sony has submitted a US patent application for “super-fungible tokens” designed for gaming.

Sony, the developer behind the popular PlayStation console series, submitted the patent application back in 2022, though the document just became public at the end of February.

The application lays out plans for an electronic device that tracks gaming assets and creates a new type of super-fungible token.

Explains the document,


“Metadata associated with the set of gaming assets is received and a super-fungible token is created, based on a storage of the metadata to a distributed ledger associated with the gaming application.

The creation of the super-fungible token corresponds to an ownership of a single gaming asset from the set of gaming assets by the player in the gaming application at a time instant.”

The super-fungible token can act as a set of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) grouped together, according to the patent application. The document doesn’t specify a specific chain that will store the metadata, though it does mention smart contract platform Ethereum (ETH) as an example.

Last year, Sony filed a patent application for an NFT framework for transferring and using digital assets between game platforms.

In 2022, Sony invested $1 billion into the video game giant Epic Games as part of its push into the gaming metaverse.

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