$PEPE Price Panic: Why is the PEPE Price dropping?

By CryptoTicker August 25, 2023 In Ethereum, Exchanges, Pepe

Massive $PEPE Movements: The Whales Are Making Waves

Cryptocurrency markets are known for their volatility, but significant movements in the Pepe price ($PEPE) over the past few hours have left the community buzzing. As a considerable amount of $PEPE gets shifted around and exchanged, the price has experienced a noticeable drop. Here’s a breakdown of the events and the potential implications.

PEPE Price: Whopping Deposits to Exchanges

Just 4 hours ago, two significant entities, Pepe multisig wallet and Wintermute Trading, made a joint deposit of a colossal 17.3 trillion $PEPE to various exchanges. Given the then-current value of $PEPE, this equated to approximately $18 million.

PEPE Price: Early Buyers Take Profits

Shortly after these massive deposits, an early $PEPE buyer decided to cash out. This individual traded a significant 1.88 trillion $PEPE, receiving a payout of 1,010 $ETH, which was valued at about $1.68 million at that moment.

This wasn’t the only major trade from an early $PEPE holder. Following the Pepe team’s deposit of 16 trillion $PEPE to exchanges, another early investor offloaded 932 billion $PEPE in exchange for 524 $ETH, equivalent to around $870,000.

Impact on the PEPE Price

These massive movements and sales by early buyers have undeniably left an imprint on the price of $PEPE. The coin experienced a price drop of approximately 16% today, a significant decrease that has caused waves of discussions across crypto communities.

What This Could Mean for $PEPE Price?

Such massive coin movements usually indicate several possibilities:

  1. Potential Market Manipulation: Big players may be trying to shake the market, causing panic selling and then buying the dip.
  2. Loss of Confidence: It could indicate that some of the early holders have lost confidence in the prospects of $PEPE.
  3. Natural Profit-taking: Every market sees early adopters cashing out after significant appreciation. This might just be early $PEPE holders deciding it’s time to enjoy their gains.

Why the $PEPE Price Is Declining?

When discussing the decline in the price of any cryptocurrency, the role of supply and demand is paramount. Large transactions, especially when conducted by a select group of holders (often referred to as “whales”), can lead to sudden and substantial fluctuations in a coin’s price. Let’s explore why the $PEPE price declined due to the recent whale movements:

Increased Supply on Exchanges

When Pepe multisig wallet and Wintermute Trading deposited a total of 17.3 trillion $PEPE to exchanges, they significantly increased the coin’s availability in the open market. As supply goes up, without a corresponding rise in demand, the price is often pressured downwards.

Selling Pressure from Early Adopters

Subsequently, two early buyers of $PEPE, possibly seeing the increase in supply or due to their reasons, decided to sell massive amounts. The first offloaded 1.88 trillion $PEPE for 1,010 $ETH, and the second sold 932 billion $PEPE for 524 $ETH. These enormous sales added a lot of selling pressure. When there’s a surplus of a coin available for sale with not enough buyers, the price tends to decline.

Panic Selling from Other Investors:

Watching whales sell can lead to panic among smaller investors. The notion often goes: “If the early adopters and big players are selling, they must know something that we don’t.” This fear can trigger a domino effect where other holders, both big and small, start selling their holdings to avoid potential further losses, driving the price down even more.

Market Perception and Sentiment:

In the world of cryptocurrencies, perception can play a significant role in determining value. Massive sell-offs by early adopters might be perceived as a lack of confidence in the coin’s future potential. If the market interprets these sales as a sign that $PEPE’s future isn’t bright, it can lead to decreased demand, causing the price to drop.

Speculation and Shorting

Traders and speculators, upon observing such large movements, might bet on the price going even lower. They could engage in “shorting” the coin – essentially betting that its price will decline. This adds another layer of selling pressure and can accelerate the price drop.

Breaking Down the Numbers: Insights from $PEPE Price Movements

Understanding the implications of the whale movements requires diving into the mathematics behind the transactions. Here’s a breakdown of the key calculations and what they reveal:

Determining the Price of $PEPE Before the Drop

Given the price has dropped ~16% today to its current price of $0.0000009028:

Previous Price=(1−Percentage Drop/Current Price)

text{Previous Price} = frac{$0.0000009028}{0.84} = $0.000001075

So, before the 16% drop, the price of $PEPE was approximately $0.000001075.

Calculating the Value of 1.88T $PEPE Sold by Early Buyer

Given that the early buyer sold 1.88T $PEPE for $1.68M:

text{Price at Time of Sale} = frac{text{Amount in USD}}{text{Amount in $PEPE}}

text{Price at Time of Sale} = frac{$1,680,000}{1,880,000,000,000} = $0.0000008936

This means that at the time of sale, $PEPE was worth approximately $0.0000008936.

Calculating the Value of Deposited $PEPE by Wallet and Wintermute

Given they deposited 17.3T $PEPE valued at $18M:

text{Price at Time of Deposit} = frac{text{Amount in USD}}{text{Amount in $PEPE}}

text{Price at Time of Deposit} = frac{$18,000,000}{17,300,000,000,000} = $0.0010403

This suggests that at the time of the deposit, $PEPE was worth approximately $0.0010403. It’s worth noting that this value is higher than the price at which the early buyer later sold, indicating a declining trend even before the major sell-off.

Difference Between Deposit and Sale Price:

Difference= Price at Time of Deposit−Price at Time of Sale

text{Difference} = $0.0010403 – $0.0000008936 = $0.0001394

This means that between the time of deposit and the early buyer’s sale, the value of $PEPE decreased by $0.0001394.


The calculations paint a clearer picture of the dynamics at play. The significant disparity between the deposit price and the selling price indicates that large transactions and deposits, potentially along with other market factors, significantly influenced the downward trajectory of $PEPE’s value.

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