OpenSea and MetaMask Block Users from ‘Some’ Countries

MetaMask wallet and OpenSea users from Iran and Venezuela have been blocked in Ethereum transactions after the platforms cited compliance issues. It was later confirmed that Ethereum’s Infura cut off users to separatist areas in Ukraine, accidentally blocking Venezuelan users as well.

Users in Iran and Venezuela began reporting problems this week with accessing their digital wallets, with hordes of users saying none of their transactions sent through MetaMask was realised.

The first instances of bans were noticed on the NFT platform OpenSea, which reportedly locked and deactivated several Iranian users. Users from Venezuela began reporting problems with accessing their own wallets soon after, with thousands of messages popping up on social media.

The issue was briefly addressed by MetaMask on its support page, saying that MetaMask and Infura would be unavailable in certain jurisdictions due to legal compliance issues. When attempting to use MetaMask in one of those regions, users received a message stating that MetaMask was unable to connect to the blockchain host.


While users were able to see their MetaMask balances and transaction histories, any attempt to interact with the Ethereum network was blocked, meaning that the ban stemmed from Infura, the Ethereum API infrastructure developed by ConsenSys.

Iran Users Blocked from OpenSea

MetaMask and Infura are not alone. Reports are also circulating on social media of users from Iran being blocked on OpenSea:

NFT artist Parin Heidari also reported that her NFT collection on OpenSea was showing 404s in response to the previous tweet.

These episodes follow a recent call from Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister for crypto exchanges to block Russian users.

Jana Serfontein

Jana Serfontein

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