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By Pav Hundal March 07, 2024 In Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, ETF, Sei, SUI
  • Can Bitcoin surge through all-time highs and send the markets into mania mode? 
  • US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) deferred decision on Spot Ethereum ETF decision to May. 
  • Altcoin Analysis of new Layer-1’s: SEI & SUI

As the Bitcoin halving approaches, and the cryptocurrency teeters on the verge of reaching new all-time highs, interest in digital assets appears to be gradually rekindling worldwide. Historically, the price surges observed in assets like DOGE have predominantly occurred just before the onset of a bull market. As we anticipate whether history will indeed repeat itself, and the market continues to present numerous opportunities.

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Spot Ether ETF Delayed

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has delayed its decision on Ethereum ETF applications from BlackRock and Fidelity for a second time, intending to use this period to gather more public feedback and assess the potential for market manipulation, especially in comparison with Bitcoin ETFs. 

A final decision is now expected by May 23


Bitcoin – BTC

The climb towards all-time highs has brought with it a swell of volatility. Over the last few days we’ve had one of the largest liquidation events in history. Over US $1B of longs and shorts were knocked out of the market. This consequently also aligned with the largest day of buying we’ve seen from the BlackRock IBIT Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). 

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Source: TradingView

Bullish scenario 

The current trading range leads to accumulation, characterised by higher highs and higher lows, culminating in the price advancing beyond the current range’s high.

Bearish scenario

The current trading range leads to distribution, characterised by lower highs and lower lows, which results in the price breaking down towards the key level (previous lows) to test the demand there.

Sei – SEI

SEI is backed by some big names in the crypto industry. Such as the likes of Multicoin Capital, Jump Crypto, Circle, OKX Ventures and Coinbase Ventures to name a few. 

Source: TradingView

Using a Fibonacci retracement of the most recent higher high and previous low, we can look at some technically significant levels. Fibonacci retracement is a technical analysis tool that identifies potential reversal levels

Bullish scenario 

Using Fibonacci retracement key levels, holding above $0.79 could see the price continue to rally to the above targets of $1.16 and $1.33. 

Bearish scenario

Failure to hold above $0.79 could result in prices heading lower and setting a new lower under $0.56. 

Sui – SUI

Sui is one of the new kids on the block this cycle. This Layer-1 blockchain solution from ex-Facebook employees is also presenting interesting technicals. 

Source: TradingView

Working off the basis of range and channel analysis, we can derive the following scenarios. 

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Bullish scenario 

A breakout from this current range suggests that accumulation has likely occurred, allowing us to focus on areas of technical significance. By extending the range from the current highs and lows, we identify $9.00 as a technical area to watch.

Bearish scenario

Failure to break out of this current multi-week range, could see prices move lower to previous weekly lows starting at $0.90.


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Pav Hundal

Pav Hundal

Pav Hundal, is a trader at heart. Making the transition from the FX markets to the dynamic world of cryptocurrency in 2017. With a keen eye for both technical and fundamental analysis, Pav places special emphasis on tracking macroeconomic conditions to build narratives around current trends. Currently, he lends his expertise as the Lead Market Analyst at Swyftx.

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