NGS Crypto – Monthly News Recap October 2020

This is our monthly Partners news recap for NGS Crypto to keep you updated on what’s been happening with them this month and what they have upcoming.

NGS Crypto Monthly Update – October 2020

October has been a very successful month for NGS Crypto, especially for our Self Managed Superannuation sector.

Quarterly Industry Superannuation statements have been issued across the board.


NGS Crypto has outperformed industry superannuation companies, continuing to deliver fantastic results for our members.

Performance results from 2019/2020 for our Self Managed Superannuation NGS Crypto members, saw them make a 19% ROI.

Now is a great time to look at your current superannuation and how it is performing against other superannuation options.

Self-Managed Superannuation

With industry superannuation’s underperforming across the board, now is a great time to take advantage of your options.

For a limited time NGS Crypto is offering a free, no obligation superannuation health check with our highly accredited and professional Financial Advisory team, valued at over $500.00.

Moving away from traditional investment vehicles, which are struggling to return single digit returns, has proven to be very successful.

Global organisations such as JP Morgan have moved to digital assets, holding Bitcoin (BTC) as a reserve asset. PayPal and Australia Post are too now adopting BTC and Digital Assets as a safe and reliable form of local and cross border payment options for their global customers.

Smart money is now moving into digital assets such as BTC and Gold.

It is no surprise that NGS Crypto has delivered outstanding results through Digital Asset mining and accumulation of hard assets like Bitcoin, which has a limited supply.

Find out how NGS Crypto members are achieving upwards of 10% – 15% ROI p/a

NGS Crypto

Australia’s leading Digital Asset Mining specialists, providing a safe, stable and reliable investment vehicle. Hundreds of everyday Australians are taking advantage of the NGS Crypto service, entering into the digital asset mining space and making returns between 10% – 15% ROI p/a.

Instagram: @ngscrypto_mining


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