NGS Crypto Answers Your Bitcoin Mining Investment Options

NGS Crypto is at the forefront of Australian Bitcoin Mining. We have developed an investment option, which allows you to enter into the world of Bitcoin Mining without the technical know how.

Who We Are and What We Do

NGS crypto is 100% Australian owned and we are Australia’s largest crypto mining experts focusing on delivering the best outcomes in encrypted currency investing for our clients worldwide.

We are in the business of helping individuals and institutional investors identify cryptocurrency mining investment opportunities.

Our core objectives are maintaining a high return on investment (ROI) using multi-coin mining agreements.


Through our knowledge and expertise in strategic insights and operational skills in Blockchain, we make sure all potential risks are avoided.

It is our mission to use the most efficient mining rigs to continually increase our hashing power to successfully mine the most profitable cryptocurrencies, providing our clients across the globe with the highest quality of service and world class return on investment consistency.

What Is Crypto Mining?

So your probably asking yourself well that’s all good and well but what is it exactly that you do?

Cryptocurrency mining is a process in which transactions for various forms of cryptocurrencies are verified and added to the Blockchain digital ledger. Also known as cryptocoin mining, altcoin mining, digital asset mining or Bitcoin mining. 

Cryptocurrency mining has increased both as a topic and activity as cryptocurrency usage itself has grown exponentially in the last few years.

Each time a cryptocurrency transaction is made, a cryptocurrency miner (NGS Crypto) is responsible for ensuring the authenticity of information and updating the Blockchain with the transaction.

The mining process itself involves competing with other crypto miners to solve complicated mathematical problems that are associated with a block containing the transaction data.

The first cryptocurrency mining rig to crack the code is rewarded by being able to authorise the transaction, and in return for the service provided, crypto miners earn small amounts of cryptocurrency of their own.

In order to be competitive with other crypto miners a cryptocurrency miner needs a computer with specialised hardware, this is where NGS Crypto comes into play.

Digital Asset Mining As An Investment Option Through NGS Crypto

When considering an investment, one should always measure the risk against the potential returns.

When purchasing Bitcoin outright your capital is at risk 100% of the time. With the extreme volatility of the price of Bitcoin, this approach may cause some sleepless nights and upset stomachs.

September 2017 saw Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $5000, only to lose 40% of its value overnight. April 2013 saw the price of Bitcoin lose 71% of its value in a few hours. The price did recover over time in both instances but those types of price swings are not for everyone.

Short-term gains on trading Bitcoin are undeniable; however, over medium to long term, mining is not only more profitable but carries significantly less risk.

Cryptocurrency mining is fast becoming a popular and safe investment option for smart investors. Given the current global economic crisis cryptocurrency has gained momentum and is fast becoming the number one investment choice.

When investing with NGS Crypto you can tailor your investment amount to suit your own personal financial needs.

Depending on your initial investment amount will determine your ROI. Members with NGS Crypto receive 8% – 15%ROI per annum, depending on the individuals initial investment amount.

Benefits of a Bitcoin Mining Investment With NGS Crypto

When making an investment with NGS Crypto, not only do you have the benefit of making returns on your investment that are very hard to be matched elsewhere.

  • 8% – 15% ROI per annum
  • Profits paid out daily in BTC
  • 100% of your initial investment amount is returned back to you in full at the end of each 36-month Initial Mining Agreement (IMA).
  • Free training and education
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Withdrawal access 24/7
  • World class customer service
  • Personal NGS Dashboard

Utilising Your Self Managed Superannuation as an Investment Option

In 2014, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) issued two taxation determinations clarifying that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are not money but are capital gains tax (CGT) assets. This new development now legally allows for Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) to invest and transact in cryptocurrencies.

NGS Crypto has worked closely with industry leaders and appropriate governing bodies throughout 2018, successfully securing a positive key affiliate relationship with one of Australia’s biggest and most successful financial wealth analyst companies, who currently have over $1.5 billion under management.

Through this partnership Australians now have the financial opportunity to explore and take full advantage of our unique investment model.

When investing with your superannuation you receive a guaranteed return of 8% ROI per annum, on a lower investment level, and up to 15% ROI per annum.

NGS Crypto is outperforming all other major superannuation companies.

Continue Your Mortgage Holiday

Are you looking at refinancing your current home loan?

When you refinance your mortgage you are essentially getting a new mortgage to replace the original one you signed, this can be very beneficial as you are able to obtain a better interest rate and term.

Given the current economic situation and the ‘mortgage holiday’ Australians are experiencing now is a great time to re-consider your mortgage opportunities and know what options are available to you.

Here at NGS Crypto we are currently offering a FREE, no obligation, over the phone financial discovery consultation to discuss your mortgage refinance options and to assess if an equity draw down is suitable for you.

Re-financing is an exciting time if you are using the extra liquidity you make as an offset to pay down what we call ‘Good Debts’ such as the mortgage. Extra to this, you may also be eligible for further tax deductions and government rebates.

*Please be advised general refinancing lock in rates from Australian banks are as low as 2.5% ROI per annum.

Contact NGS Crypto today for a free, no obligation over the phone consultation to discuss your investment options.


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