NFT STARS to Host Australia’s First NFT Exhibition

By Ibiam Wayas July 17, 2021 In Australia, Crypto News, NFTs

NFT STARS, an Australian multi-chain non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, is planning to host the country’s first NFT art exhibition and conference in August. Known as SIDUS, the offline event is aimed at enlightening Australians on the basics of NFT. 

NFT STARS. Source: Instagram

More About Education Than Speculation

The NFT exhibition and conference are scheduled for August 7-13 at the contemporary gallery SpACE @ Collins in Melbourne. As part of the exhibition component, NFT STARS will also conduct an educational session on the concept of NFTs and how attendees can participate in the space. 

In some cases, people become immersed in the NFT market for speculative reasons, which doesn’t resonate with the main idea of NFTs. Thus, via the SIDUS event, NFT STARS is looking to change the focus from NFT speculation to art appreciation“.

We believe the future of art is digital. Technology is coming to every sphere of our lives and it’s natural for artists to portray the world we live in using the tools of our time. We want to break the stereotype that NFT art is only for crypto lovers. SIDUS 2021 is an entry point, perhaps the first touchpoint for many people concerning this new digital art form.

Dan Khomenko, CEO, NFT STARS

NFT is Gaining Traction in Australia

The SIDUS event comes at a time when interest in NFTs has been increasing across Australia. 

In June, South Australian artist Dave Court hosted an NFT exhibition of a brick house he decorated in colours and light, which he digitised and featured as an NFT. Also last month, Crypto News Australia reported that a collection of the country’s most valuable historic photographs, worth millions of dollars, would be auctioned as NFTs.

To participate in the SIDUS event, visit the NFT STARS website.

Ibiam Wayas

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