Multi-Coin Digital Asset Mining Could Catapult Institutional Investors Portfolios

Following Square Inc’s recent purchase of $50 million dollars worth of Bitcoin, we are starting to see large investors diversifying their portfolios with the addition of Cryptocurrency.

Square’s reported assets in 2019 totalled over $4.5 Billion so it’s a dip in the water for them, but more institutions are expected to follow. And according to a recent report by Fidelity 36% of large investors already hold Bitcoin in their portfolios.

Large Investors are buying Gold and Bitcoin

Also recently, Jason Urban former Goldman Institutional Trader stated that large investors now buying Bitcoin and Gold at same pace.

“As someone dealing in the institutional space, the same people that I see buying gold and other precious metals are also buying Bitcoin and they’re doing it simultaneously and they’re doing it in equal amounts currently.”

DrawBridge Lending CEO Jason Urban

Why Multi-Coin Digital Asset Mining?

While you can buy Bitcoin outright, it has been proven that Bitcoin mining is far less risky and much less volatile option to diversify your portfolio.

Multi-coin mining also spreads your risk and volatility across multiple popular digital assets including Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Zcash (ZEC) and others. Essentially by adjusting the mining focus based on the rewards and difficulty of the coin to get optimised profit.

The Catapult for Institutional Investors into Bitcoin

Big names in business and crypto are predicting a wave of institutional investment for Bitcoin following Squares $50 Million purchase in October 2020.

First, it was @michael_saylor and publicly traded @MicroStrategy buying $425million of #Bitcoin. Today, it is @jack and @square buying $50million of bitcoin. Tomorrow, it will be another visionary leader, and another, and another…the tsunami is coming

Tyler Winklevoss – Gemini CEO and Bitcoin billionaire

Institutional Investors in Australia

Cryptocurrency mining for Institutional Investors in Australia is provided by NGS Crypto. They offer investments upwards of $1 million USD in a multi-coin digital asset mining programs, which return up to 15% yearly* on investment and 100% full return of upfront cost after 36-month term. *See their website for full terms and conditions.


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