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By BeInCrypto July 15, 2023 In Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Projects

BIC: We’re getting ready for our special AMA session! Take a comfortable seat and follow our conversation in a few minutes. Today we welcome MOOKASHI who is the CMO and representative of Mooky Coin in our AMA today. I’ll have 11 questions for MOOKASHI & some questions from you, guys. So, let’s get started.

BIC: Please introduce yourself. Who is the Mooky team and what crypto projects have you launched in the past? 🤔

MOOKY: MOOKY team consists of a very well versed and experienced team. With a combined 20 years of experience in crypto we have been part of some very big projects in the past which we wish not to disclose. Some of these projects are well known to you and have reached 50M+.

BIC: You chose a meme coin as a project. It is a very tricky type of project: some, like Pepe, are successful, while others, like Big Eyes, are just scams. How can traders identify the right project to invest in and make a profit?


MOOKY: It is sometimes hard to identify which is the best project although there is some very easy tell tale signs of a project that has good potential. The first is the transparency of the team, this can be seen by a team who offers open voice chatting and answers questions clearly in chat. Another is community, when the community is involved and united you have the ability to really do well when the token launches. Pepe on the other hand was a stealth launch which is a bit different than presales, it was fully pushed by the community as the developers did not raise money and funds for helping the marketing push.

BIC: Tell us more about the token’s history. Why did you choose the name Mooky Coin?

MOOKY: MOOKY was chosen by me actually it just seemed like a catchy name for a monkey memecoin. It has the perfect twist to go viral like DOGE did. We thought it is fit to have a monkey memecoin as we have dogs, cats, dinosaurs, frogs etc. Our team very much loves nature as we all should so that inspired us to create such a coin.

BIC: What is your main goal as a project?

MOOKY: THe goal of the project is to spread our vision and the vision of MOOKY meanwhile also benefitting investors and traders to profit them. Everyone should do their part to help push thats what creates a community, thats how Shiba Inu and Doge and PEPE became so big.

BIC: Some questions that are interesting for all traders and investors: Is the token sellable at this time, or is it a honeypot?

MOOKY: The token is sellable at all times of course. Our contract will be renounced on launch which means we actually don’t own the contract address anymore and it is community ran – of course still managed by us but without our power to change anything.

BIC: What percentage of the circulating token supply does the owner/creator wallet contain?

MOOKY: We own 0% of the supply of the token. We run MOOKY like a business, if the token gains a lot of hype therewill be a lot of new developments which will power up the platform through revenue such as NFT’s gamefi and the l ikes.

BIC: And how much of the total tokens are locked, if any? What is the timeline for their unlock?

MOOKY: There will be 5% of tokens locked for CEX purposes locking them for a year.

BIC: Do you have a verified contract source? Does the ownership or source contain an owner contract?

MOOKY: We have a verified contract visible to everyone. The contract will be renounced as we mentioned and we will not be owners of it once the presale ends so there is no worries on that end about any types of malicious acts.

BIC: What is the buying fee percentage? What is the selling fee percentage?

MOOKY: 0% buy and 0% fee makes it fair for everyone. Remember keep slippage low when buying and selling (on launch which will happen soon).

BIC: On which exchanges should we expect a listing?

MOOKY: Uniswap will be our first listing and the only fair way to actually launch a presale token. CEX’s will follow. Lbank and Bitmart are already booked and you can see we are already partnered with them through the tweets they pushed out.

BIC: Do you have any airdrops or similar promotions?

MOOKY: We have a lot of community competitions, join our TG group to be part of these airdrops and promotions. We are currently giving 10% more tokens to buyers of MOOKY. Coupon code is: MOOKY10

BIC: Tell us about your plans for Mooky Coin. What is the future of the token?

MOOKY: The future of the token has a lot going fot it. I will discuss the first development which is our NFT ventures club. We will have multiple tiers of NFT’s but if you mint a legendary or super rare you join the board on the ventures club. This gives you extra voting rights and powers and also allows you to bring forward new governance proposals. These proposals are then voted on by all NFT holders. The legendary and super rare holders also receive unique airdrops and perks. This will be later used for our GameFi products.

Our development team is very powerful and we can build out decentralized applications of every type. It is important for us to first establish governance among our holders then develop what YOU choose. MOOKY is a pure community token unlike the rest.

BIC: Now let’s move on to questions from our community! Why should people who have already lost their funds once investing in meme coins trust and believe in your project now?

MOOKY:There is risk in every single crypto investment you make and it’s up to the investor to analyze and DYOR if they believe a meme coin can do well. Some factors that should be reviewed are community, socials, team’s knowledge in crypto, and the likes. This helps evaluate if you should invest. Remember one thing, you can lose on multiple crypto memecoin projects even 5-10 but if you do well on just 1, you make back your investment + more.

BIC: Do you plan to get listed on DEXes or your main focus is CEXes?

MOOKY: Unlike other crypto memecoin presales our main focus is DEX we like to have a decentralized authority holding most of our liquidity as well as being in the DeFi side of crypto.

We are currently partnered with Bitmart and Lbank for them to list us after the launch on Uniswap

BIC: As you are the CMO, I was wondering, how different is marketing in terms of meme coins and crypto in general compared to usual marketing?

MOOKY: The marketing in crypto is pretty similar to general marketing where you have to be very dynamic with branding, structure, where to spend funds and KPI’s. It works out the same just within a different spectrum.

BIC: How does your cryptocurrency differ from other cryptocurrencies in the market?

MOOKY: MOOKY is a community ran token that will be governed by the community both it’s price movement and its vision. We are different by allowing the NFT holders of MOOK to hold the power in governance and making decisions. We also are the first monkey memecoin making us a front runner token so get in and enjoy the ride!

BIC: Incredible! Once again, thank you very much for your time and availability today!


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