Man Recovers 10 Million DOGE with Help from Wallet Recovery Service

A retired US truck driver has retrieved 10 million DOGE thanks to a wallet recovery service that helped him step by step to recover his fortune.

The man contacted KeychainX, a crypto wallet recovery service launched in 2017. He had stacked a massive amount of DOGE in 2015 for about US$1,500, now worth over US$3 million.

The only problem was that the PIN to the man’s Android wallet was 12 digits long, which the company viewed as nearly impossible to crack. Step by step, KeychainX started asking the man for important numbers, like the year of his birth. From there, the team analysed the wallets used to assess the type of wallet encryption that was deployed.

A Nail-Biting Moment

The most difficult part for the recovery company was to ensure the funds were moved safely. The team said the synching could take several days as the stack dated back six years, so extra precautions were taken to ensure the funds could safely arrive at the destination.


KeychainX CEO Robert Rhodin said the truck driver was so delighted with the service that he invited the team for a drink on him the next time he’s in town.

Losing a PIN in your wallet isn’t bad. If you manage to open it years later, it could be a life-changing amount. It happened this time.

Robert Rhodin, CEO, KeychainX

KeychainX says it has recovered more than 100 wallets from mobile, hardware and software wallets in the past six months. The company is the only publicly registered company in the industry, as other wallet recovery services operate under pseudonyms.

There is a widespread view that 20 percent of bitcoins are lost forever; we believe these are bitcoins waiting to be discovered.

KeychainX statement

José Oramas

José Oramas

José is a journalist and translator with a keen interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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