Ledger Launches NFT-Focused Hardware Wallet ‘Nano S Plus’

A new hardware wallet released by Ledger this week promises to let people securely explore more of Web3 by offering management tools for NFT collections and space to install up to 100 apps.  

The Nano S Plus improves on the popular Nano S – released five years ago – by adding a larger screen that makes it easier to make transactions as well as more memory, enabling the installation of up to 100 apps to manage over 5,500 digital assets:

Ledger flagged its intention to become a gateway for the broader digital asset ecosystem in June last year when it announced a US$380 million fundraising round

A Secure Wallet Designed to be DeFi and NFT-Friendly

Ledger said the new wallet provides offline security for investors’ crypto as well as the convenience to securely manage a range of other digital assets. 


By pairing the wallet with Ledger’s digital asset management app, Ledger Live, users can display and manage their NFTs with their private keys, including securely sending and signing NFT transactions. 

The Ledger Nano S Plus is a Nano S on steroids. It provides you with more space to freely enjoy the ever-expanding world of DeFi and NFTs. We keep improving our world-leading hardware devices to allow you to securely explore the Web3 ecosystem.

Pascal Gauthier, Ledger chairman and CEO

Nano S Plus is compatible with Desktop and Android Mobile with a USB cable, has a 128 x 64 pixel screen, a storage size of 1.5MB, and costs A$129. 

Ledger has sold more than 3 million Nano S devices around the world. All signs point to Nano S Plus being in strong demand too – a limited-edition release of the wallet in March sold out 10,000 units in one day.

This is despite issues that call into question Ledger’s security, such as data breaches in June last year that resulted in sophisticated fake hardware wallets being sent to exposed customers’ addresses.

Jody McDonald

Jody McDonald

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