Last Week on Crypto Twitter: Peak Apathy

By CoinMarketCap Alexandria September 12, 2023 In Twitter


This meme sums up the mood in crypto better than words ever could:

It’s a ghost town now on Crypto Twitter. But even in this ghost town, we got some prison updates involving SBF, Vitalik’s account hacked and a Crypto Twitter main character entering the race for the Presidency.

Let’s have a look…


Whose Threads Are a Must-Read?

A few months ago, our article about Pulsechain made quite a splash among Hexicans.

Fast forward and Richard Heart is in trouble with the SEC. Eric Wall wrote a nice summary about whether Hex is dead:

TLDR: use the market’s attention and sentiment to make profitable trades and exploit people’s biases and cognitive dissonance. Just make sure to use protection. Also in crypto.

The vibes in crypto are really not good at the moment. If it’s your first bear market – congratulations! You made an excellent choice to commit to something solid long-term. 500 days and counting, that is longer than many marriages last these days.

Good thing someone did the author’s work for this one and wrote up a nice TLDR for this 30-tweet monster:

TLDR: bullish long-term catalysts like the ETF but a lot of headwinds in the short run.

Wisdom of the Week

If you want to “make it” in crypto, you need to work hard. Almost nobody just gets lucky in crypto:

Talk of the Town

Even in the abandoned ghost town of Crypto Twitter, there’s plenty of chatter of ghosts past and present.

Wild stuff. Let’s see if we soon see Sam’s first mixtape NFT drop on Twitter.

Good news then that Visa plans to integrate stablecoins into its system. Well, that’s with Tether’s arch rival USDC for now, but who knows what comes next:

So even during peak apathy, there’s something going on on Crypto Twitter. Well, you have to distract yourself somehow, don’t you? These trading volumes don’t look like they’ll be going up anytime soon:

But is this still apathy or already failure?

Depends on who you ask. It definitely doesn’t look like a smashing success for the moment:

Here’s Dylan LeClair with a hot take:

Down so bad that the security model’s being discussed. That’s when you know things are not looking good.


At least the memes this week did not disappoint.

The state of the market right now:

And where the market is headed in the future:

Hit us with your best shots, TradFi markets! We’re ready for next week.

See you then.

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