Konami, Creator of Metal Gear Solid, Joins NFT Arena with Avalanche Launch

Konskie, Poland - March 16, 2024: Konami Holdings company logo displayed on mobile phone
  • Konami partners with Avalanche to launch Resella, a platform simplifying NFT creation and trading, supporting Japanese yen, and planning global expansion.
  • Resella aims to bridge traditional gaming and web3, enabling digital experiences like using in-game NFTs as event tickets or unlocking exclusive content.
  • ‘Pixels’ Chapter 2 introduces substantial upgrades to Ethereum-based games, focusing on long-term player engagement and resolving past issues.

The interconnection of gaming and blockchain is ever-increasing with several fresh developments on the web3 front. Konami has just announced its debut of a non-fungible token (NFT) platform on the Avalanche blockchain and ‘Pixels’ Chapter 2 is set to be a game changer for Ethereum based games.

Konami Wants to Streamline NFTs, Bridge Traditional Gaming and Web3

Konami, well known Japanese video game developer of beloved games such as Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, and Castlevania, as well as slot and pachinko machines, has just advanced its venture into the world of web3 with a strategic partnership with the Avalanche blockchain.

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As per reports, Avalanche and Konami want to provide a platform to “simplify the creation, issuance and trading of NFTs.”


According to the statements, the platform also simplifies blockchain engagement by eliminating the need for external Web3 wallets or complex transactions. Resella is said to support Japanese yen transactions and plans global expansion. Developers can integrate its functions into their apps, providing users with an easy marketplace experience.

Resella paves the way for novel social experiences within the web3 ecosystem, envisioning seamless integration across diverse services to enhance user engagement.


Konami’s Resella aims to enable digital experiences like using in-game NFTs as event tickets or unlocking other special content. Built on an Avalanche subnet, it offers enhanced customisation and benefits over the mainnet.

Pixels The Hottest Non-Telegram Game

Games on the TON blockchain have seen quite a buzz in recent months, but with Pixels there is a popular game that is not relying on Telegram. And with its Chapter 2 upgrade things just got more interesting.

Founder Luke Barwikowski told Decrypt that the changes are quite substantial. While the game attracted millions of new users in several months, Barwikowski said for him and his team, the changes are about fixing “some of the issues” they encountered in the past few years.

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The developers also want to encourage and reward long-term players rather than casual gamers and provide a much deeper user experience. However, Barwikowski also admitted the team was still working out where the overall direction of the game is going to be.

What’s cool is that we don’t know what the metagame is going to be. This is also part of the experimentation. The team is basically all-hands-on-deck for the next month or two after the release to do a ton of live ops.

Luke Barwikowski

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