JPMorgan Settles First Trade with BlackRock Amid Launch of Blockchain-based Tokenisation Platform

By Ben Knight October 12, 2023 In Banks, Blackrock, Blockchain, JPMorgan
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  • JPMorgan’s tokenisation platform is called the “Tokenised Collateral Network” (TCN).
  • The bank completed its first tokenised swap with financial institution BlackRock.
  • JPMorgan’s entry into the blockchain sector is a landmark moment for bridging the gap between TradFi and DeFi.

Traditional finance giants, JPMorgan, committed themselves to the blockchain sector yesterday upon launching their tokenisation platform. The banking goliaths have created an in-house blockchain system called the Tokenized Collateral Network (TCN) which went live for the first time on October 11. The first trade was settled on the platform by fellow TradFi company BlackRock.

What Does the Tokenized Collateral Network Do?

JPMorgan’s TCN is a local, blockchain-based tokenisation platform that allows clients to trade traditional assets (fiat currency, bonds etc.) faster, cheaper and at any time. The trade between BlackRock and JPMorgan involved converting shares of a money market fund into tokens stored on the custom-built Onyx blockchain. These digital assets were then moved to Barclays Bank.

Although this is the first official transaction on the TCN, it is not the only time JPMorgan’s blockchain tech has been put to the test. The network debuted in May last year. Several of its features were tested and enhanced before eventually being released over 12 months later.

What Does JPMorgan’s Interest in Crypto Mean for the Industry?

JPMorgan was one of crypto’s staunchest skeptics, but has since changed its tune. Finding a more efficient settlement process is a massive step forward for banks – and after some initial resistance to blockchain technology – more and more are starting to embrace the potential of tokenised assets. 


Although the news may not mean a lot for the crypto market in terms of price movement, it does bode well for the longevity of blockchain technology in both the decentralised and traditional financial markets. Finding a way to marry TradFi with distributed ledgers has been a key movement over the past few months, with several major players – JPMorgan, BlackRock, Invesco and more – entering the crypto scene for the first time.

As big banks and other financial institutions continue to integrate blockchain solutions into their systems, more and more money will be poured into innovation and investment in the industry. Again, although this may not directly impact market price, it will no doubt bolster the potential for growth across the blockchain world.

Ben Knight

Ben Knight

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