Isotopic, a new open and Cross-Platform Game Store

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Did you know that game developers using current popular game stores can end up earning less than half of their game sales? This issue results in higher prices for lower-quality games, as developers struggle to keep pace with the ever-growing industry.

Introducing Isotopic

Isotopic is a new decentralized and cross-platform Game Store, which allows developers to publish their games for free, on a platform where gamers truly own the games.

On Isotopic, game licenses are tokenized and become truly ownable assets, meaning that when you buy a game, you get a tradable asset that represents your ownership.

Developers gain control over their games’ distribution by being the controllers of the ownable asset’s distribution code.


Isotopic is an Infrastructure Partner of the SKALE Ecosystem Accelerator, is backed by Cipholio Ventures, and granted by Internet Computer. The project is also a member of the upcoming Builders Program by ChainSafe, and is collaborating with Polygon and other large networks reaching over 5 million community members in total.

A new economy – Trade Games and DLC

Tokenized games do not only mean that developers gain control of their games, but also that users can truly own their bought games. This creates a new economy, where games become tradable.

Do you own games on Game Stores that you wish you’d be able to get your money back? On Isotopic, you can buy games, play for as much as you want, and then resell them to someone else.

Game studios can additionally publish limited edition or exclusive collectible games and DLC, with a limited number of copies available, letting users collect them and trade them.


The platform – play now!

The Isotopic Game Store is already live at, with over 200 available games to choose from. Unlike other web3 game aggregators / launchers, Isotopic does not aim to create another platform for finding low quality games filled with unnecessary NFTs, but instead offers a platform centered around traditional gaming, with games that offer a seamless playing experience.

But while the blockchain is used to buy and sell the games, the process does not require the user to understand anything about it, and an ordinary gamer can interact with Isotopic without ever knowing about the blockchain.

The future

What are you waiting for? Whether you are a gamer looking to find new games to play, or a game developer trying to take your games to the next level, Isotopic is the best place for you.

Beyond a game store, Isotopic offers solutions for game developers to support their growth at all levels, with tools for integrating the blockchain in their games, in-game advertising solutions, a fully open and decentralized Asset Store, and online events such as twitter spaces, gaming nights, and game competitions.

With the store’s launch being less than 3 months old, Isotopic is at a very early stage, with a range of activities planned for the future to boost the community and product-line. Now is the perfect time to be a part of this, while it is still early!

Follow the Isotopic journey on X (Twitter), and join our online communities on Discord and .

Embark in Linea’s DeFi Voyage with Clip.Finance
Embark in Linea’s DeFi Voyage with Clip.Finance

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