Is It Too Late to Buy GALA? GALA Price Rockets Up 11% and AI Crypto Signals Platform yPredict Raises $3 Million – How Does it Work?

By July 19, 2023 In Gala, Trading

Gala Games (GALA) has weathered a hard crypto winter over the past year, as holders starve of -97% performance since the all-time high in November 2021.

While the start of 2023 saw a brief respite with an impressive 286% rally in January, the 6-months since have seen a resumption of bleed-out price action (-57%).

Yet community hopes are once again riding high, as a +11% rally has breathed new life into rock-bottom price action.

This comes as GALA seemingly catches much needed support from the 20DMA, pushing high to reclaim support at $0.0275.


GALA Price Analysis: Can it Reclaim 200DMA?

With GALA now trading at a current price of $0.026 (a 24 hour change of -4.7%) some are wondering if it’s too late to buy.

TradingView / GALA USDT

The move to flip consolidation at the 20DMA to support, and push up in pursuit of the 200DMA (around $0.036) has certainly reinvigorated charts.

As technical structure continues to be bolstered by this upside swing, the localised retracement action seen in markets today may provide a brief respite for GALA’s indicators.

Indeed, the RSI spiked on the recent move north, briefly touching 60 yesterday – a classic overbought signal.

While this could indicate that GALA is overbought, the rapid cool-down appearing on the RSI alongside the downside slide today could soon signal an imminent reversal to upside moves.

This is a view which receives some confirmation from the MACD, which is displaying minor bullish divergence at 0.00019.

Price action here remains hairy, with an upside target at the 200DMA forming a critical level to reclaim, this could see GALA unlock a +36.4% move.

However, downside risk remains significant with a fall to the lower trendline at $0.018 firmly on the cards (a possible -29.2% move).

TradingView / GALAUSDT

This leaves GALA facing a risk: reward ratio of 1.24 – an unattractive entry – suggesting that it could well be too late to buy GALA on the short-time frame.

Despite the lacklustre performance by GALA, many in the altcoin space are shifting their trading strategies to accommodate an emerging project with serious disruptive potential.

How Will yPredict Disrupt Crypto Markets in the Near Term?

In today’s dynamic and often turbulent crypto markets, staying ahead of the curve demands more than just market knowledge, it’s about leveraging the latest technology to gain a competitive edge.

Enter, an AI-powered crypto trading platform that’s shaping the future of retail trading.

Source / yPredict

yPredict provides invaluable insights using advanced machine learning algorithms, identifying patterns, predicting trends, and offering real-time signals.

Indeed, yPredict has taken an impressive leap forward in leveraging artificial intelligence for the benefit of retail traders.

The AI-driven platform analyses a vast array of data, uncovering hidden patterns, predicting trends, and providing invaluable insights to the users.

Through its AI models, it offers real-time signals, breakouts, and pattern recognition, allowing traders to stay ahead of the game in the highly volatile crypto market.

Unprecedented Growth Opportunity with $YPRED

yPredict’s native token, $YPRED, has sparked excitement with a promising presale, already amassing $3m of its $4.5m goal.

Token holders gain access to premium features and receive 10% of the fees, fostering a sustainable investment cycle and curbing market sell pressure.

The presale is in Stage 7, with tokens available at an attractive $0.1. However, with the listing price set at $0.12, this window of opportunity won’t last long.

Join the Trading Revolution: Invest in $YPRED

Source / yPredict

As 2023 unfolds, seizing a stake in this innovative AI trading platform is urgent, and $YPRED presents an irresistible chance for you to tap into the AI revolution, setting you at the forefront of crypto trading.

yPredict is transforming the crypto trading landscape with AI-driven tools and a robust trading ecosystem.

This ongoing presale is a golden opportunity to revolutionize your crypto trading journey and stay ahead of the market trends.

Take advantage of the power of AI to supercharge your trading strategies and gain a competitive edge in the crypto market.

Secure your $YPRED tokens now and lead the AI revolution in crypto trading.

Buy $YPRED Here

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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