Institutional Call? Nasdaq-listed Mogo Will Invest $1M in Bitcoin

By Ibiam Wayas December 24, 2020 In Bitcoin, Institutions

As crypto analysts expect that institutions will make massive investments in Bitcoin (BTC) in the coming years, many publicly-listed companies are already confirming these sentiments in 2020. Recently, the likes of MassMutual, an insurance company, invested about US$100 million in the cryptocurrency. Also, MicroStrategy completed its Bitcoin investment to US$1 billion in recent days.

Today, a popular Canadian financial technology company, Mogo, has disclosed its plans to invest more than US$1 million in Bitcoin.

The Institutions are Here!

The Nasdaq-listed company said on Wednesday that it’s planning to buy US$1.16 million worth of Bitcoin as corporate investment. With such capital, the company will be able to get about 47.1 Bitcoin, following the current price of the crypto at US$23,579 on Coinmarketcap.

Meanwhile, Mogo further revealed plans to buy additional Bitcoin in the coming year. Judging by this, one can easily predict that the company may invest in the cryptocurrency at any time soon. 


The Bitcoin will be purchased from the company’s US$13.2 million investment portfolio. “We are strong believers in bitcoin as an asset class and believe this investment is consistent with our goal to make bitcoin investing available to all Canadians,” according to the president and CFO of Mogo, Greg Feller. 

It’s also worth mentioning that other prominent companies like Square, Galaxy Digital, etc., are holding some Bitcoin as corporate investment.

Bitcoin Adoptions Grows With Price Performance

Since the leading cryptocurrency broke the US$20,000 level, there has been a massive interest in it among institutional and retail investors. This is evident following the growing number of BTC addresses. Also, the institutional-grade investment companies, especially Grayscale, have been recording incredible growth in its assets under management (AUM). 

Despite that Grayscale stopped accepting funds from new investors on its crypto products, it still bought over 12,000 BTC today, which came from its existing client alone. Currently, the company’s AUM is worth $15.9 billion. 

Ibiam Wayas

Ibiam Wayas

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