Insider Alert: Top Australian Crypto Analyst Exposes Bitcoin Selling Trends

By Aaron Feuerstein January 17, 2024 In Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin recently experienced a decline, breaking below a critical level at USD $42,200, indicating potential weakness.
  • Analyst Jason Pizzino suggests this could lead to further drops to around USD $37,000, while also offering good re-entry points in a healthy market correction.
  • Pizzino criticised the hype and misinformation in the crypto market, particularly exaggerated Bitcoin predictions.
  • He advises researching and considering contrarian views to outperform most investors, emphasising that understanding alternative outcomes is often more advantageous than following prevailing market beliefs.

Bitcoin’s Recent Drop and Key Levels

Aussie crypto trader and analyst Jason Pizzino pointed out that over the weekend, Bitcoin experienced a minor decline, breaking below a critical 50% level at USD $42,200 (AUD $64,228), indicating potential weakness.

However, he believes this is part of a healthy market correction, offering good re-entry points and allowing investors to take profits, thereby laying a solid foundation for future market movements.

Source: Jason Pizzino/ YouTube

Pizzino said the next key downside target could be around USD $37,000 (AUD 56,314), but Bitcoin would first need to break below USD $40,000 (AUD $60,886). The market is unlikely to start a massive run soon; it might attempt to reach levels around USD $49,000 to $52,000 (AUD $74,585 to $79,151), benefiting short-term traders.

We have had 120 days up and if you want to do the maths it’s basically four months. So I’m not expecting the market to go on another massive run anytime soon.

Jason Pizzino

Market Hype and Misinformation

Pizzino expressed his scepticism towards overly optimistic or sensational predictions in the crypto market, particularly regarding Bitcoin. He called out those who promised extremely high Bitcoin values (like USD $200,000) or unprecedented market surges, describing these claims as misleading and baseless.


Instead, he called for a more analytical and grounded approach to crypto investment and trading, suggesting that ignoring such “noise” and hype is key to making solid, informed decisions in the market.

All of those folks that promised us God candles, all the massive thumbnails of $200,000 Bitcoin or the biggest pump week you’ve ever seen in your life, they f***ed you. They absolutely f***ed you.

Jason Pizzino

Do What Others Don’t

To outperform 90% of investors, Pizzino recommends researching and considering views opposite to the prevailing market beliefs. For instance, if the majority expect interest rate cuts and the Federal Reserve doesn’t follow this expectation, even a mere pause can negatively impact market prices like the S&P 500.

In a recent post on X, he stated that this could lead to a temporary downturn, but once the initial shock subsides, investors may recognize that the market can sustain itself at the current interest rates and begin investing again. Instead of following the crowd, considering alternative outcomes can be advantageous. Alternatively, one could simplify their approach by just following price charts.

Aaron Feuerstein

Aaron Feuerstein

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