Huge Cardano Upgrade Imminent, Plutus V3 Is Here

By Ben Knight February 13, 2024 In Cardano, Cryptocurrency
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  • Cardano has enjoyed a stellar week of trading, up nearly 14%.
  • The development team IOHK has announced its Plutus V3 upgrade, which will improve platform performance, throughput and capabilities for dApp developers.
  • The update brings new cryptographic features, enables sidechain bridges and reduces costs for developers on Cardano.

Cardano has well and truly jumped onto the market bandwagon this week. With the crypto sector flush with green, the price of ADA has surged nearly 14% in the last seven days. Even though much of the community is focussed on the Bitcoin ETF and the upcoming halving event, Cardano still commands a significant amount of attention in the DeFi world. Yesterday, Charles Hoskinson and the development team announced yet another major upgrade to the blockchain, coming in the form of Plutus V3.

Cardano (ADA), weekly graph, source: CoinMarketCap

What is Plutus V3?

Cardano currently operates using a scripting language known as Plutus Core – meaning it is a vital piece of infrastructure for dApp developers and the broader Cardano blockchain. To be candid, the press release is a little heavy on the jargon and technical details (for those interested, you can read it on the IOHK website). But in a general sense,  the most recent upgrade to the Plutus system has significant ramifications.   

The update revolved around four major improvements:

  1. Performance
  2. Throughput
  3. Smart contract size
  4. Platform capabilities

Essentially, this upgrade has “enriched the developer toolkit…[Plutus V3] not only reduces costs but also helps bring in new developers”.

Without diving into the weeds, the upgrade has enhanced Plutus Core’s cryptographic capabilities, generally meaning that apps developed with the code will now have superior security without sacrificing performance. Users can now also create sidechain bridges to improve transaction speeds and processing. 
The price of ADA, Cardano’s native token, is up 3.5% on the day.


Ben Knight

Ben Knight

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