How to Get Diversified Exposure to 50 Different Coins with FTX Futures Markets

By Crypto News Bot March 25, 2021 In How-to, Trading

In this article, we’ll cover how to get exposure to groups of markets instantly by using FTX Perpetual Futures markets. Which could be a useful way to get exposure without all the hassle of buying the individual assets.

Available markets of interest:

  • SHIT-PERP (index for a group of coins with lower marketcap often referred to as “shitcoins”).
  • DEFI-PERP (index for a group of coins associated with DeFi).
  • EXCH-PERP (index for a group of coins associated with Exchanges).

You can view a list of included coins for each group.

FTX Futures Index Markets

The markets indexes are calculated as a percentage of the median. ie the quantities of the specific coins held are balanced out to get a good spread of coverage between the coins in the index.

Example of the Shitcoin Index

You can trade both up and down on the SHIT-PERP market, which tracks the price of a basket of low-market-cap coins, using a weighed average of their prices. Get diversified exposure to 50 different coins with one future!

FTX Futures Shitcoin Index

If you’re unsure on what futures are, then you can read about them here.


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