How to Buy Cryptocurrencies? For beginners

By Crypto News Bot August 02, 2022 In Cryptocurrencies

This is a simple beginner’s guide for people who haven’t bought cryptocurrencies before and are interested in learning about how and where you might buy and store them safely within Australia.

Before you start

  1. Read our guide on What is Cryptocurrency and how it works.
  2. Read our guide on How to stay safe when buying cryptos.

Steps to Buy Cryptocurrencies

  1. Sign up for a Free Swyftx Account: In just a few clicks, you can Sign up to Swyftx and create your account. You should get a confirmation link to your email once you’ve registered.
  2. Get Verified for Crypto Purchases: Before you can buy cryptos, you’ll need to verify your account. How? Simply upload your passport/drivers licence, or other ID documents.
  3. Deposit Funds: Deposit Australian dollars into your Swyftx using PayID, Bank Transfer, OSKO or BPAY from your bank account.
  4. Purchase Crypto: Now you can buy cryptos instantly.

About Swyftx

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Buy, Sell and Trade over 100 Crypto-Assets on Australia’s most progressive Cryptocurrency Exchange. Swyftx is an AUSTRAC registered Australian cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform with tiny spreads, low fees and non-inflated market prices. Trade with stop losses, take profits and triggered orders on a mobile and desktop-ready modern web-based cryptocurrency exchange.

Need more help? Get personal support from the Swyftx support team. For a list of the supported cryptocurrencies and more information, please read our Swyftx review.


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