Here’s When Bitcoin and Altcoin Prices Could Truly Go Parabolic, According to Coin Bureau’s Guy Turner

By The Daily Hodl March 22, 2024 In Bitcoin

The host of the Coin Bureau channel Guy Turner is forecasting a bullish outlook for Bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto assets over the coming months.

Turner tells the 2.44 million subscribers of the Coin Bureau YouTube channel that Bitcoin and other crypto assets are around nine months away from recording massive gains.

The fact of the matter is that BTC and altcoins will likely end the year much higher than their recent prices. This means new all-time highs for BTC that could be closer to $100,000 and all-time highs for most altcoins, not just meme coins. 2025 is when prices could truly go parabolic.”

Bitcoin is trading at $67,169 at time of writing.


On what is informing his bullish thesis for crypto prices in 2025, the Coin Bureau host says,

“Besides the fact that there will be more political certainty in the US and perhaps geopolitical certainty by extension, it’s very likely that most central banks will be cutting interest rates by the time 2025 rolls around. At the same time, they will be legally allowed to hold crypto on their balance sheets.”

According to Turner, volatility is likely to set apart this crypto market cycle from all the previous ones.

“From our perspective, it seems more likely than not that the crypto market will surprise to the upside regardless of inflation adjustments. That’s because this crypto market cycle is the first one where institutional capital can easily flow into the market. It will likely be the biggest one we’ve seen so far. Just remember that a downturn will come eventually. And when it does, the outflows will be just as large.”

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