HashCash to Help Aussie Enterprise Settle Cross-border Payments on Blockchain

By Ibiam Wayas January 21, 2021 In Australia, Blockchain, Crypto News

A blockchain consultant company, HashCash, has reportedly partnered with an Australian enterprise to assist them in settling cross-border transactions in real-time.

The information from Yahoo Finance didn’t specify the Australian company. However, the enterprise will reportedly leverage the HashCash blockchain network as part of the partnership, to process such transactions.

Blockchain, which is the technology behind cryptocurrencies, has been proven useful in settlement of cross-border payments. This can be seen as another important use case for blockchain in play.

Cross-border Payments on Blockchain

Per the report, the ultimate objective for the partnership is to enable the Australian enterprise to transfer funds to other enterprises or individuals globally and also in a seamless manner. Additionally, HashCash did mention that customers from the Australian enterprise will receive its native digital currency – known as HCX – for making transactions to other parties across the border.


This will enable the company to meet its customer’s needs and requirements in real-time.

“HashCash’s HC NET helps empower the enterprise by bringing all of their important operations on a single distribution platform through this partnership. Other than that, our products and services help create a competitive edge over others for customers all around Australia,” said Raj Chowdhury, the CEO of HashCash Consultants.

Australia Gaming Sector Embraces Blockchain

HashCash is one of the leading blockchain development companies with an office in Australia.

Lately, the blockchain company partnered with an undisclosed game development company in Australia to debut a white-label digital currency exchange, as well as a tokenization platform targeted at the gaming sector.

The development was viewed as an innovative step for the gaming sector, as it will allow game developers to monetize their services by creating blockchain-based micropayment channels for streamers, viewers, as well as content producers.

Ibiam Wayas

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