$GSWIFT Tokenomics Revealed — Learn $GSWIFT Details Before IDO

By Medium July 16, 2023 In Blockchain, Gaming, Staking

The $GSWIFT Token IDO on ByBit has just started, and the IDO on SpartaDEX is just a few days away, so it’s time to unveil what everyone has been eagerly anticipating — the $GSWIFT tokenomics.

In this article, you will:

  • Uncover the essence of $GSWIFT
  • Explore $GSWIFT’s utility
  • Gain an overview of $GSWIFT’s tokenomics
  • Learn how to get a $GSWIFT allocation

There’s no time to lose. Let’s delve right into it!

What is $GSWIFT?


Let’s start with a proper introduction to $GSWIFT to fully appreciate the numbers that will come next.

  • $GSWIFT is the community-driven token that powers GameSwift’s Web3 gaming ecosystem and Modular chain. It has multiple utilities, creating a constant demand and serving as an essential component of our ecosystem.
  • Excitingly, $GSWIFT will be listed on Arbitrum and Polygon ecosystems. We’ll also integrate it into our Modular blockchain upon mainnet launch.
  • $GSWIFT is an omni-token = omni-chain fungible token powered by LayerZero technology that empowers you with the ability to transfer it across supported blockchains seamlessly.

This powerful token raises the bar for other Web3 gaming tokens. It goes beyond being just a coin, empowering users to actively engage in the flourishing Web3 gaming ecosystem.

With a diverse array of utilities and effortless token transfer, it provides utility and governance to its holders.

What is $GSWIFT utility?

$GSWIFT is undeniably a powerful token, but it’s the utility that truly sets it apart.

How does it possess such incredible superpowers, you might wonder? Well, let’s explore some of its capabilities:

  • $GSWIFT is your ultimate opportunity for Web3 gaming investment. By staking just one token, you can enhance your participation in multiple gaming projects from the Web3 gaming sector and achieve lucrative token earnings. One token to rule them all!
  • GameSwift harnesses the true value of its modular blockchain, channeling it directly to the $GSWIFT token and subsequently benefiting its investors.

As adoption soars, $GSWIFT token stakers will receive rewarding returns through the accumulated transaction fees — 100% of on-chain fees are allocated to $GSWIFT stakers.

Learn more about the GameSwift Modular Blockchain feature.

  • And that’s not all! We have another exciting utility to share with you, and it’s a game-changer — Platform Real Yield.

By staking your $GSWIFT tokens, you unlock a multitude of additional benefits through Platform Real Yield. What makes it even better? A direct allocation of 10% of the Platform revenue to $GSWIFT stakers.

Learn more about Platform Real Yield here.

$GSWIFT Tokenomics How to get $GSWIFT allocation?

  • The IDO on ByBit has already begun! Register to participate here. And enter the IDO here.
  • Mark your calendars for $GSWIFT IDO on SpartaDEX on July 17! This highly-anticipated event will kick off at 3 pm UTC/5 pm CET. It’s an exclusive opportunity with limited Whitelist access. Check out this article for more information.

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