Gold Coast Crypto Event Focused on Advanced Trading and Bull Market Preparation

  • A local Gold Coast crypto event is set to provide Aussie traders of all skill levels the tools to help them assess the current crypto climate.
  • As the market settles after an impressive start to 2024, learning how to navigate a potentially volatile asset class is more important than ever.
  • The key to being successful in such a market involves applying several skills – including broad-scale learnings such as managing emotion and identifying rigorous research practices.
  • Additionally, understanding more advanced techniques such as technical analysis can vastly improve trading strategies.

A lot is happening in the crypto world as we head into the middle of 2024. After an explosive beginning, which saw Bitcoin breach a new all-time high, most coins have entered a consolidation phase

With Ethereum ETFs (kind of) approved by the SEC, and big institutions entering the scene, crypto has entrenched itself as a legitimate financial sector. But what’s next for the market? And how should the average trader negotiate these exciting times?

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Managing Emotion, Learning to Research and Understanding Technical Analysis


The crypto markets are perhaps the fastest and most volatile of any in the financial world. This provides crypto enthusiasts with constant profit opportunities, but also makes it quite complex to navigate. 

One of the most important lessons is learning to manage your mindset. Giving in to fear or greed are two of the easiest ways to lose money when trading, but they are also a natural human reaction to the highs and lows of investing. Developing the skills to objectively develop and execute strategies, especially when the market is choppy, can go a long way to improving your trading results.  

It’s one thing to preach “DYOR” when spruiking your favourite coin on X (formerly Twitter) – but what does it actually mean? 

Performing adequate due diligence can be the difference between striking gold or falling for a rug pull project. Learning what to look for on a project roadmap, how to read between the lines of a whitepaper, or understanding tokenomics are priceless tools for budding traders.

In a less general sense, amateur traders can elevate their skills by employing technical analysis (TA). This involves a precision-based approach to reading price, volume and liquidity charts, and identifying buy/sell opportunities based off the analysis. 

To start, this can seem intimidating – but once mastered, TA can form the backbone of a consistent and successful trading strategy. Understanding tools like Bollinger Bands, Harmonic Trading or Fibonacci Sequences can go a long way. 

Australian crypto education platform, Empire Crypto Trading, are presenting a Gold Coast workshop designed to help traders learn key skills like we touched on above – and more. The event, hosted at the QT Hotel, will run all day on the 29th June. An accomplished list of guest speakers will focus on several key skills necessary to navigate the current market.


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