Gamers Can Now Wager Bitcoin When Playing Counter-Strike

Now you can wager on your Counter-Strike games using ZEBEDEE Bitcoin gaming wallet and Infuse technology that lets you scan a QR code, join a lobby, and play Bitcoin-infused games.

Earlier this year, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) got an unofficial Bitcoin integration through Bitcoin start-up ZEBEDEE, where players pay a few Satoshis (1 Satoshi = 1/100,000,000 BTC) as an entry fee and if they perform well, they can walk away with a few extra.

Improved User Experience With Bitstamp

Using ZEBEDEE’s Infuse, servers players will be able to scan a QR code to pay a small amount of BTC – as little as 100 Satoshis – as an entrance fee. Different servers have different rules, fees and rewards. Your potential winnings will fluctuate based on your percentage of the total game score. And after the game you can withdraw your winnings.

ZEBEDEE admitted that previously it was a bit tedious to transfer funds or swap cryptos with their native wallet. However, now with Bitstamp integration “users can log into the ZEBEDEE wallet using their Bitstamp account info, making it easier for players to move and convert the Bitcoin they win while playing games”. By bridging the gap between the world of Bitcoin gaming and the global economy, gamers will be able to move Bitcoin between games and the real world with ease.

Bitcoin gaming wallet [ZEBEDEE]

ZEBEDEE’s integration uses Bitcoin’s Lightning Network to handle the transactions. In the late game, ZEBEDEE plans to launch servers that won’t require an entry fee, thanks to sponsors and advertising.

Allowing Normal Players To Monetise Their Fun-time

“The biggest revolution will be for ordinary players,” says ZEBEDEE CEO Simon Cowell, adding that “at the moment, esports tournaments are only open to a small elite of pros who win all the money”. ZEBEDEE’s service will allow no-pro gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike to leverage their skills and earn/lose some crypto playing games they enjoy. Simon also says that more infused games will be added later.

Bitcoin really does change the game, in more ways than one. Suddenly your score inside the game has real-world economic value. This massively increases the level of engagement you have with the game, but it also points to previously impossible economic models. I thoroughly believe that gaming is how we bring the next billion users into crypto and that, in the future, young people will earn their first paycheque simply by playing games.

Simon Cowell, CEO of ZEBEDEE

Robert Drage

Robert Drage

Robert is a freelance researcher, with a background in information science currently interested in blockchain technology and technical developments in the field.

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