Gala Games launches Eternal Paradox, a free-to-play mobile game with player ownership and rewards

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This title is part of a new generation of Gala Games designed to appeal to traditional mobile gamers while also offering an array of ownership and reward opportunities for web3 newcomers.

Gala Games, the leading web3 gaming and entertainment platform, has just completed the successful launch of its latest title, Eternal Paradox in the Google Play and Apple App stores. Created by the Korea-based developer, NDREAM studios, Eternal Paradox blends the hit genres of 4X and RPG-style combat with the added (and entirely optional) web3 perks offered by Gala Games into a powerhouse mobile title with a bright future.


Competition and rewards

Players compete for daily and seasonal rewards in a 49-day repeating season. The narrative action of the game supports this structure with the idea of a time paradox that always causes the end to become the beginning again. Players strategize together and form Guilds on player-owned land, battling against one another as they move toward control of the Ring of Ruin, the magical relic that causes the time paradox.

Rewards ultimately take the form of Eternal Time (ETIME) a GalaChain minted token that can also be bridged to the Ethereum blockchain for future trade. Players can either save ETIME rewards in their connected Gala wallet, or spend it on exclusive ETIME in-game sinks such as limited edition Mercenaries and game-boosting packages. All ETIME that is spent on these sinks is burned from circulation (rather than counted as revenue), allowing New ETIME to enter circulating supply as player rewards. More information about ETIME and its distribution can be found in the game’s Economic Litepaper.


Ownership-enabled collectible characters

Through the course of Eternal Paradox gameplay, players collect Mercenaries, each with their own set of battle skills and forms of attack. Players pit their Mercenaries against other players (PvP) and enemy characters (PvE) in multiple battle modes, leveling up their collected Mercenaries as they advance toward the end of the season. Additionally, in-game-only Mercenaries may be made “mint-ready” through the player’s expenditure of an in-game token called “Immortal Emblems,” setting their favorite Mercenaries up to be minted as an owned token and take on the additional benefits that come with ownership.

Free players of Eternal Paradox have the same reward opportunities as players who choose to own minted Land or Mercenary tokens, but those who own minted items enjoy additional perks that make it easier to achieve the leaderboards, as well as the added abilities to transfer their items to other players. Owners may also bridge their digital assets from GalaChain to the Ethereum blockchain where they may be listed for sale on secondary markets.

With its recent push toward mobile gaming, Gala aims to create and publish games that are enjoyable by all and competitive with even the most popular mobile games, then insert additional layers of gamified ownership and reward-based content.

About Gala Games

Gala Games is a web3 ecosystem that empowers users through immersive, ownership-enabled gaming and entertainment experiences. Powered by its own versatile L1 called GalaChain and a series of decentralized node networks, Gala Games is building one of the most innovative and rewarding entertainment networks in the world. A beacon of truth in the cryptocurrency market - case #9 revealed A beacon of truth in the cryptocurrency market – case #9 revealed

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