From Likes to Ledgers: The Financial Revolution of Social Media and Cryptocurrency

The direct integration of cryptocurrency into social media platforms is set to revolutionise global finance, offering unprecedented access to financial services. With substantial user bases and advanced anti-fraud measures, these platforms can democratise financial offerings, especially in developing countries. 

As social media becomes increasingly integral to daily life, successful models like TikTok and WeChat highlight the potential of merging blockchain payments with social interactions, signalling a transformative era for global finance.


Traditional banking systems often grapple with inefficiencies such as high fees, slow processing times, and limited access for the underbanked. These issues create barriers for individuals and businesses, particularly in developing economies. 

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In contrast, digital payments and cryptocurrencies offer decentralised, borderless, and transparent transactions. As social media platforms integrate these technologies, the potential for a more interconnected and inclusive financial system grows, making financial services more accessible to a global audience. 

Social media platforms boast user bases far exceeding those of traditional banks, with over 4.9 billion users worldwide. This vast reach presents an unparalleled opportunity to embed financial services directly into these platforms, enhancing financial inclusion. Sophisticated anti-fraud technologies further secure transactions, making digital financial activities safer. Successful examples like WeChat demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of integrating financial services into social media, offering valuable lessons for other platforms aiming to revolutionise global finance and promote economic development in underserved regions. If the crypto industry integrates this well it becomes an unstoppable force.

Beware of Crypto Scams! 7NEWS Youtube Channel Hacked

7News’ YouTube channel got hacked yesterday, leading to an AI-generated Elon Musk promoting a fake crypto giveaway. 

The scammers streamed a fake crypto giveaway featuring an AI-generated Elon Musk, who encouraged viewers to send cryptocurrency to a Tesla-branded QR code, promising to double their money. This scam, which appeared highly convincing due to the realistic AI depiction of Musk, managed to attract thousands of viewers before the video was finally taken down. 

Source: The Age

The fake Musk was shown standing in front of a Tesla vehicle, making it look like an official announcement. He urged viewers to participate in the giveaway by sending their crypto to a specific address, assuring them that their money would be doubled as part of a promotional event. The use of Tesla branding and the realistic portrayal of Musk made the scam particularly convincing and effective.

Unfortunately, this incident is part of a rising trend of crypto scams leveraging the credibility of well-known personalities and brands. As crypto continues to grow in popularity, so do the tactics of scammers looking to exploit the hype. The use of AI to create convincing deepfakes marks a new level of sophistication in these scams, making it harder for the average person to discern what’s real and what’s not.

The 7News YouTube hack is a wake-up call for everyone to stay alert and cautious. With scammers becoming more sophisticated, it’s crucial to stay informed and protect yourself from falling victim to these cyber crimes. 

Dormant Wallet, Not So Dormant. 

Blast from the Past: Dormant Bitcoin Wallet from 2010 Just Moved 50 BTC!

Cue the time machine, a Bitcoin wallet from the Stone Age (2010) when BTC was a major scam just sprang back to life after a 14-year hibernation period. This digital treasure chest sent a whopping 50 Bitcoin to the Binance crypto exchange, causing quite the buzz.


Turning Pennies into Millions!

According to on-chain analysts, this wallet is tied to a miner who scored 50 BTC as a mining reward back in the summer of 2010. Back then, mining rewards were a hefty 50 BTC per block – no small change compared to today’s modest 3.125 BTC.


It’s like finding a vintage wine in your cellar, only to discover it’s now worth a fortune. This nostalgic trip down Bitcoin lane is a fun reminder of how far the crypto world has come, from obscure techie hobby to a global financial juggernaut.

BTC Markets Update: A Bounce from the Brink!

As we discussed in last week’s article, Bitcoin has indeed taken a nosedive, touching the $60,000 mark after breaking down from $65,000. Just as predicted, we’ve hit this crucial support level, and now it’s absolutely vital that we hold this floor.

Our crystal ball was spot on! BTC has bounced back from a deep retrace, reaffirming the importance of this support zone. 

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Holding the $60,000 line is crucial for maintaining market confidence and preventing further declines. This level is now our fortress, and every trader and investor out there is keeping a watchful eye on it. If we can maintain this floor, it could pave the way for a stronger recovery and upward momentum back to $70,000. 

Source: TradingView

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