Founder Sets Himself On Fire And Six Other Crazy Solana Memecoin Launch Stunts

  • The Solana network is a popular home for meme coins and a new X thread has shown the wild tactics some founders have used in an effort to make money from their own token launch.
  • One of the most recent meme coin launches saw a founder accidentally set himself alight, leading to serious burns to nearly a third of his body.

Need more proof we are living in crazy times? A new thread on social media site X has revealed the extraordinary lengths some people in the crypto space are willing to go to to make money.

Compiled by user StarPlatinum (@StarPlatinumSOL), the series of posts detail crazy schemes Solana memecoin founders have tried to launch their projects, which include setting themselves on fire, having fist fights, having their sexy ‘mom’ tease buyers, and a fake kidnapping. 

The most recent crazy stunt was from the founder of ‘Truth or Dare’ token (DARE) Mikol, who suffered third-degree burns in an effort to create a memorable livestream launch event. While doused in isopropyl alcohol, Mikol had friends shoot fireworks at him—which caused him to catch fire, and need to be rushed to hospital.


Despite the serious medical condition he’s in due to the dangerous antics, Mikol still took to X to spruik his coin:

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Is The Insanity Worth It? LIVEMOM Hits $300K Market Cap Before Crash

The thread also highlighted the recent launch of LIVEMOM coin on Solana, which included a series of challenges performed on a livestream by an apparent teenage founder and a woman he claimed was his mother. 

The pair claimed they’d perform degrading and sexualised acts as the coin hit specific market cap values—such as eating dog food and having the mom do 15 squats to the camera. At one stage, the woman bounced her breasts at the camera and said: “Do you wanna see him pour milk over these 36DDs?”

The token initially rose in value, but once it hit $300,000 market cap, the livestream was cut off—resulting in the market cap crashing to $129,000 within minutes.  

Other examples of memecoin launch madness include:

  • A livestream of what seemed to be a staged kidnapping and assault of a man named Roman, with his promised release when the ROMAN token’s market cap reached $100K.
  • A man who created a token called HANDS, who posed with a piece of paper under his chin and claimed “I have no hands, I can’t do a rug pull.” He immediately sold his tokens when it peaked.
  • A LIVEMOM copycat project called LIVESIS, in which the ‘sister’ (who many speculated was a man in a wig) would reveal their breasts when the goal was reached.
  • The ‘accidental’ burning of a 53,000 pre-sale allocation of SOL tokens supposed to be airdropped to early investors in SERF token. Doubts were raised about whether it was a $10m dollar mistake or an intentional ploy to gain attention?
  • A streamed boxing match between two teenagers, with increasingly violent fighting until the target price was reached, to launch FADELIVE.

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