Former Trump Administrator Brian Brooks Becomes The New CEO of Binance USA

Former Coinbase executive and US banking regulator, Brian Brooks, has been appointed to head Binance.US operations as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Brooks will assume the new office from next month, replacing Catherine Coley, the current CEO of the US-based cryptocurrency exchange.

Brooks to Join Binance.US From May

Following the new appointment, Brooks will work together with Binance.US’s team to expand the exchange’s operation while also promoting its culture of compliance with US regulators. In a welcome statement, Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance Global, attested that Brian’s expertise would be invaluable to expand Binanace.US. 

Brian is an esteemed leader with an unparalleled blend of experience across traditional financial services, government, and the digital assets industry. Binance.US’s ability to attract an executive of Brian’s caliber is a testament to the strength of its platform.

Changpeng Zhao

Brooks Introduced Crypto-friendly Guides for US Banks

The new Binance.US CEO previously worked with Coinbase as Chief Legal Officer, before servicing as the Acting Comptroller of the Currency under President Donald Trump’s administration. Brian stepped down from public service in January as Joe Biden took over the US presidential office.


Brooks is well-known in the cryptocurrency space following his active and regulatory-friendly stance on emerging digital assets. OCC awarded the first national bank charter to Anchorage, a digital asset bank, under Brooks. During Brook’s administration, the OCC published regulatory guidelines on how banks in the country can interact with cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.

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