Former Goldman Sachs Executive Reveals Current ‘Max Risk’ Crypto Allocation, Says He Holds Solana Rival

By The Daily Hodl March 11, 2024 In Cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, Hedge Fund, NFTs, Solana

Macro guru and Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal is unveiling his crypto holdings, saying that his capital is geared toward capturing the potential rise of riskier digital assets.

In an interview on the Crypto Banter YouTube channel, the former Goldman Sachs executive says that about 90% of his stash consists of crypto hedge funds, Solana (SOL), non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and layer-1 blockchain Sui (SUI).

“The other 90% is Solana and hedge funds…

I own a bunch of NFTs – I’ve been buying some high-end art in NFTs. But really I put most of my Ethereum into the fund, the asset management firm I’ve got, so that allocates it to hedge funds whose job it is to select all the right tokens.


I’m also on the SUI Foundation. I have some SUI as well.”

Pal goes on to elaborate on why he invested in Sui, a competitor of both Solana and Ethereum (ETH).

“I’ve wanted to cover this whole crypto best in a number of different ways because there’s a lot of opportunities here and I also wanted to see it and experience it all.

One of the things I want to do is go on one of the journeys of one of the large layer-1s, but you have to be very careful of who you want to be part of, but [Sui] is a very serious group that’s come out of Facebook…

It’s very interesting, super high-quality people, an amazing project.”

Pal also explains why he’s invested in SOL and crypto hedge funds.

“SOL is like ETH of the last cycle. Further out the risk curve currently is the hedge funds because we’re kind of max risk right now because it’s alt season.”

SUI is trading for $1.60 at time of writing while SOL is trading for $145.81.

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