Ethereum NFTs Domains Can Now be Used for Single Sign-On Logins

By José Oramas January 13, 2022 In Crypto News, Ethereum, NFTs

Ethereum and Polygon non-fungible token (NFT) domains can now be used for single sign-on logins, thanks to an initiative from Unstoppable Domains, a US-based company that provides blockchain-based domain names.

Log In Using NFT Domains

The service allows users to have an NFT portable name and use it to easily sign in to their favourite apps, lowering the barriers for users by eliminating the need to provide additional information.

Several applications are now providing support for Login with Unstoppable Domain. The app in question will read the domain and direct the user to the authorisation server saved to that domain name. All the user needs to do is to authenticate and grant access to the information requested by signing a transaction with the key that owns their domain.

This login system is based on domain names! By using domains as your global login identifier across the internet, you have a single name that you can use to log in across every app. Every app can then reference this domain to pull the info you’d like to share – such as your domain name or favourite NFT profile picture – to show in their app.

Unstoppable Domains blog post.

Blockchain-Based Domains

So far, Unstoppable Domains has 2 million registered domains ending in .crypt, .nft, .wallet, and more. This move will allow millions of users to simply register across a myriad of apps by using their NFT domain names.

Blockchain-based domains are hexadecimal wallet addresses turned into easy-to-remember names that are stored on the blockchain, and cannot be modified by third parties.

In order for these crypto domain names to supersede .com, Ethereum will have to address speed and fees issues – Ethereum layer projects may be able to help provide the infrastructure to scale globally.

They have reached a level of mainstream attention too. In August 2021, Crypto News Australia reported that American beer brand Budweiser had bought the Beer.eth domain name for 30 ETH.

José Oramas

José Oramas

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