Ethereum-Based Altcoin Leads Real-World Assets Sector in Development Activity, According to Santiment

By The Daily Hodl May 09, 2024 In Chainlink, Ethereum, Synthetix, Tellor
Source: Santiment/X

Blockchain analytics platform Santiment says one Ethereum (ETH)-based altcoin project is leading in the real-world asset (RWA) sector based on development activity.

Santiment says that blockchain oracle Chainlink (LINK) is seeing the greatest amount of daily activity on the development hosting platform GitHub.

LINK Is seeing more than two times the amount of development activity compared to the second most active blockchain project, Synthetix (SNX), a decentralized finance (DeFi) crypto that allows synthetic asset creation on Ethereum.

“Here are crypto’s top real-world assets by development. This list is compiled by counting any non-redundant GitHub activity, and averaging this daily activity over the past 30 days. Chainlink currently produces 2.49x more daily activity than the next most active project, Synthetix, in the RWA sector.”


Santiment’s ranking list is as follows: 1. Chainlink 2. 3. Centrifuge (CFG) 4. Dusk (DUSK) 5. Oraichain (ORAI) 6. Creditcoin (CTC) 7. IX Swap (IXS) 8. Maker (MKR) 9. Polymesh Network (POLYX) 10. Reserve Rights (RSR).

Source: Santiment/X

Santiment also says that the native asset of decentralized oracle protocol Tellor (TRB) is outperforming most other digital assets so far this month.

“Tellor is one of the top performing assets thus far in May, exactly doubling in market cap since the calendar month turned. Whale transactions and address activity have both seen sudden spikes, which are suggesting potential TRB profit takes.”

Source: Santiment/X

Tellor is trading for $111.64 at time of writing, up 16% in the last 24 hours.

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