Embark in Linea’s DeFi Voyage with Clip.Finance

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What is Clip.Finance?

Clip.Finance is a non-custodial, smart modular multi-strategy vault yield protocol, that aggregates yield from vetted protocols and enables users to grow their on-chain portfolio through automation and a simple user interface & experience.

A smart modular multi-strategy vault is a single vault that can run multiple yield farming positions at the same time, on different vertical protocols, such as DEX’es, Lending, Bridges. Smart capabilities for Clip vaults involves:

  • Automatically rebalancing allocations between the strategies based on a number of predetermined factors, aiming at improving efficiency, managing risk and maintaining diversification across allocations.
  • Auto-compounding, which automatically reinvests user’s investment yields into the investment principal at regular intervals to increase returns.
  • Multiswaps, transactions that involve swapping multiple tokens in a single transaction, optimizing efficiency and reducing transaction costs.
  • Batched transactions, grouping multiple individual transactions into a single transaction before submitting them to the network for processing, which improve cost efficiency, optimizes network resources, enhanced efficiency & reduces blockchain bloat.

The team is working on expanding the types of strategies and looking to integrate derivatives, LST’s, RWA’s & more in the future. Additionally, developing a bespoke risk mitigation tool, which would trigger smart contracts to withdraw funds from strategies automatically if they appear to be in danger of being drained.

What is Linea’s DeFi Voyage?

The Linea DeFi Voyage is designed to give all levels of web3 users an opportunity to explore one of the most fundamental web3 use cases, decentralized finance (DeFi), in an intuitive, immersive, and educational manner.


The DeFi Voyage aims to educate and reward at the same time. Participating and completing Quests Series helps you qualify for Linea Rewards.

Participating in DeFi Voyage with Clip.Finance

The beauty of using Clip.Finance’s vault in Linea’s DeFi Voyage comes in the form of a net 18.67% APY, with stable returns as the pool pair is based on USDC-USDT, meaning there should be no Impermanent Loss (IL), while the yield is paid in stablecoins.

On top of that, Clip.Finance is actively snapshotting it’s users for a future $Clip airdrop.Combining this with Linea Rewards, it creates a lucrative opportunity to farm for double-incentives, while earning great, safe & stable yield on your stablecoins.

To participate, simply head to Clip Finance’s Linea Vaults Page, make a deposit and afterwards you become eligible to claim 2 different Quests as completed on Linea’s DeFi Voyage Quest page from the Wave 5: Liquidity Provision and Yield Farming series.

With great stable returns and the opportunity to participate in two incentivized campaigns via airdrops, we see this as a no brainer — Start Earning!

Security at Clip.Finance

Clip.Finance is also committed to ensuring the security of their platform. They just completed an audit with Three Sigma, a team that works with Tier 1 protocols and has protected more than $1.9B in client assets, while securing $11.2B in transacted value.

Leveraging SphereX’s real-time transactions analysis, which is an exploit prevention solution for Smart Contracts. Their service monitors all transactions in real-time, stopping suspicious activity before funds can be lost. Legitimate user transactions are approved regularly, even while under attack.

Alterscope is used to perform due diligence on all integrated protocols. Alterscope integrates on- and off-chain data in real-time, to reveal the full picture on protocol risk. This makes it easy to assess technical fundamental risks when integrating protocols.

$Clip – Unique KPI-based tokenomics design

In DeFi, token vesting is based on time. This means that regardless of how well the protocol is doing, it’s still issuing new tokens to the market. This design has a number of flaws, from diluting existing token holders even when the protocol value isn’t growing, to misalignment of users and team interest.

Clip Finance has taken a different approach to tokenomics. Clip measures total deposits on the platform (TVL) as the core KPI to issue tokens on specific milestones. Those TVL milestones are predetermined and tokens are unlocked once the milestones are achieved.

This will put the right incentives in place for the team as well as the community. Both the team and the users are incentivized to grow the protocol to unlock the CLIP rewards. Additionally, there are a number of mechanics in place to avoid gamification and to reward long-term depositors.

Clip.Finance Founders and Awards

Clip Finance has a team of 10 people, and the founders include the co-founder of Paxful, one of the best-known peer-to-peer (p2p) crypto marketplaces in the world, as well as the former CTO of a protocol that reached $80m in total value locked (TVL).

Clip Finance is part of the sought-after incubator Chainlink BUILD, received a $10,000 grant from Aave, and won first place in Smoothie Awards (Web3 alternative to Product Hunt).

Waku launches first decentralised, privacy-preserving DoS protections for P2P Messaging
Waku launches first decentralised, privacy-preserving DoS protections for P2P Messaging

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