Dozens of Copycat Bored Ape Projects Are Making a Mockery of NFTs

By Jana Serfontein February 05, 2022 In Crypto News, NFTs

A copycat troupe of Bored Ape Projects has been popping up left, right and centre to make a mockery of NFTs. While the OG Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) apes are selling for astronomical amounts of money to celebrities such as Eminem and Justin Bieber, many ‘copycat’ projects are also trying to get in on the action.

The following are just some of the many making a mockery of the industry:

Starry Ape

Starry Ape Art Club is a collection of 10,000 apes inspired by famous artist Vincent van Gogh, the Bored Ape Yacht Club and “degens” all over the metaverse. The project is not affiliated either with BYAC or its creators, Yuga Labs.

Source: Starry Ape Art Club

Scribble Apes

Scribble Apes, also known as SCRAPEs, is a unique collection of 4,444 automatically generated colourful Ape art, yet again with no affiliation to BAYC.

Source: Scribble Apes

Martian Apes

Martian Apes, with a total supply of 3333 apes, is a collection of “immortal and ageless” NFTs, unique reverse-ageing apes that colonise the Red Planet.

Source: Martian Ape

Alien Apes Yacht Club (AAYC)

Alien Apes is an NFT collection of 10,000 AAYCs that lives on the Ethereum blockchain ERC-21, with more than 2000 accessories and expressions generated.

Source: AAYC

The NFT Boom Not Likely to End Anytime Soon

Although some might think the NFT market is overheated and many more share intense hatred for the entire concept, there is no denying NFTs are dominating at the moment. In January, despite the massive pullback in the overall crypto market, the NFT market reached a trading volume of US$6 billion, a new all-time high.

Jana Serfontein

Jana Serfontein

Jana has keen interest in what cryptocurrencies have to offer in regards to NGO’s, governments and the financial system. And is also intrigued with the psychological effect that cryptocurrencies have on society.

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