“Don’t F***K This Up”: Expert Issues Stern Warning to Investors

By Aaron Feuerstein December 01, 2023 In Cryptocurrency, Investing
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  • Raoul Pal emphasised cautious investment, particularly in blockchain technology, acknowledging market volatility but maintaining confidence in its growth.
  • He defended crypto’s value, highlighting its consistent top performance for three years in a four-year cycle, and suggested scepticism towards it could mean missing out financially.
  • Crypto lawyer John Deaton highlighted the significance of Raoul Pal’s advice to “Learn to take the pain,” emphasising emotional control and strategic investment during tough times.

“Just be Careful”

Real Vision, Raoul Pal’s investment education portal, recently shared some insights by its founder well worth considering.

Don’t f***k this up, just be careful.

Raoul Pal

Pal advised to buy and hold for a long-term investment while learning how to deal with one’s emotions.

Learn how to take pain. And if there is pain, you buy more.

Raoul Pal

Pal spoke about his strong belief that despite current economic challenges, the future of technology, especially blockchain technology, is inevitably going to grow. He suggested that any contrary belief is akin to an unrealistic regression to primitive times. Pal said he is surprised by the confusion and pessimism surrounding the recent economic downturn, arguing that the bear market of 2022 was already anticipated and factored into prices.

We will go to blockchain technology. It’s as simple as that.

Raoul Pal

The former Goldman Sachs hedge fund manager stated that various factors like inflation, decreased real wages, and a general decrease in consumer spending led to a decline in all assets, with long-term investments and cryptocurrencies being the hardest hit, experiencing a significant drop in value. His overall message is one of confidence in the continued relevance and growth of technology, particularly blockchain, dismissing any doubts as mere noise.


A Message to Crypto Haters

Pal is advocating for the value of crypto, emphasising its record as the best-performing asset class for three out of every four years in a typical cycle. He drove home the point that in the fourth year, it tends to perform poorly, but stressed that overall, it shows a pattern of increasing value over time.

Three years out of the four years, crypto is the best performing asset class on Earth. The 4th year? It’s the worst.

Raoul Pal

Pal challenges the opposition of people who hate crypto, suggesting that not investing in it is akin to choosing financial disadvantage, despite acknowledging the volatility of crypto assets. He finally encouraged everyone to research and consider investing in crypto, highlighting its potential for high returns despite the risks involved.

Are you choosing to be poor? Because that’s what you do when you say you don’t want crypto.

Raoul Pal

Community Reacts

Popular crypto lawyer John Deaton said the most important part of Pal’s message was not about the don’t stuff up part, although that part is important. Deaton said the best part is, “Learn to take the pain.”

Which is a great way of saying, control your emotions and don’t FOMO into things. Also, when things get tough, buy more. Of course, this is Pal’s opinion and he has declared in the past that he holds Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL). Which is why some commentators said he was just here to dump his bags, while others claimed crypto is near a collapse.  

Aaron Feuerstein

Aaron Feuerstein

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