DigiToads Soaring and Set for 450% Return. CEL Crashes as Celsius Investors Flee

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In the wake of the TerraUSD collapse in 2022, the cryptocurrency market experienced significant turbulence, resulting in the downfall of various prominent cryptocurrency-based companies including the Celsius Network. Celsius was forced to file for bankruptcy, leaving its customers facing substantial losses.

To address the situation surrounding Celsius’s bankruptcy, an impartial investigator was assigned to examine allegations suggesting that the company operated as a Ponzi Scheme. The investigator was tasked with assessing Celsius’s handling of cryptocurrency assets and delivering a comprehensive report.

As a result of this ongoing investigation, and the bankruptcy of Celsius Network, the price of CEL tokens has plummeted, leaving investors no choice but to focus on better-performing coins like , a new token that is set to soar by 450% in coming weeks.

Is the Best Altcoin for X100 Gains

DigiToads, the latest sensation in the world of cryptocurrencies has been generating buzz since its presale began. This meme coin has gained immense popularity and is rapidly becoming the top choice for investors.


DigiToads stands out in the market due to its array of features that have contributed to its recent growth. One particularly alluring aspect of DigiToads is its investment potential, with the coin showing the promise of yielding returns up to x100. Even during the presale phase, the demand for DigiToads is skyrocketing, pointing towards a bright future.

So far over 360 million TOADs tokens have been sold, raising more than $5.99 million. With the presale set to end on 15th August 2023, investors are rushing to purchase the remaining coins and take advantage of the anticipated 450% growth by launch.

What makes DigiToads an appealing option for investors are its diverse and attractive features. These include a trading school, NFTs staking, a peer-to-peer game, and eco-friendly initiatives like tree plantation.

The trading school, known as TOADS school, will give investors access to valuable courses and information they can use to become better market participants. Investors will also have the opportunity to make extra income through NFT staking a decentralized web-3 game known as the Toad-cade.

Those who stake their NFTs will receive rewards from the staking pool which is funded by 2% of the fees charged on all TOADs transactions. The top 25% of toad cade players will receive 50% of the profits made from in-game sales.

By offering a comprehensive package, DigiToads aims to cater to various interests and provide value to its holders.

However, what truly differentiates DigiToads from other cryptocurrency and meme coin projects is its philanthropic approach. A notable 2.5% of the project’s earnings will be dedicated to non-profit organizations focused on promoting reforestation in rainforests. This environmentally conscious approach allows investors to profit while also supporting a notable cause.

Celsius Network Is On a Downward Spiral

In early 2023, the attorney general of New York initiated legal action against Alex Mashinsky, the founder of Celsius. The lawsuit alleged that Mashinsky had deceived investors by concealing the deteriorating condition of the lending platform, ultimately leading to the loss of billions of dollars in digital currency.

To mitigate the effects of its bankruptcy, Celsius plans on liquidating all their altcoins with Bitcoin and Ethereum, a move that is expected to cause ripple effects in the market.

Final Word

Although the Celsius network seems to be sinking deeper and deeper into its bankruptcy, only time will tell what will happen to the lending platform. As we wait to see how the downfall of Celsius will affect the overall cryptocurrency market, it’s a good time to buy to enrich your portfolio with better-performing coins such as DigiToads. With over 450% growth on the horizon, this is the best time to purchase TOADS tokens for maximum profits.

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